troll93's Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine (PlayStation 3) review

A solid third person shooter

Space marine is a third person shooter based in the universe of warhammer 40k. You play as Captain Titus, an Ultramarine that leads a squad of other space marines in liberating a forge world from an ork invasion.

You dropping onto the planet.

The gameplay of this game is very much influenced by the style of gameplay that was championed by the gears of war franchise. The key difference is that as a space marine, you don’t take cover. You blast at the enemies as they approach you and when they get close, you get into melee with them. While this seems like it would get dull over the course of the game, the action of shooting and chopping up orks feels almost unjustifiably good. There are a few set pieces that see you manning a mounted gun which also feels good. They are well dispersed and provide a nice break from the high pace of the rest of the game.

The game has two levels of health, your shield that constantly regenerates, and your health that doesn’t regenerate by itself. To recover your health you need to stun an ork, and then execute them in a gloriously bloody fashion. This is one of the best systems that I have encountered for recovering health. You feel like such a badass while you are slamming the orks to the ground, and curb stomping their face into the ground.

The game sometimes has some trouble with contacting you to your enemies

The visuals of the game and a bit workman like. They aren’t going to blow you away, but they never distract you from the gameplay. There are a few cool visual events that surprise you and will help to make you forget the average quality of the rest of the graphics.

The sound of this game is nice and solid. All the guns have a nice and throaty report when you fire them. You make some nice thumping when you a running along, which suits a 7 and a half foot 200kg genetically engineered superman.

If you are a fan of the warhammer fiction, some of the actions in this game will bug you. Some people don’t act like they should. Space marines caring about common Imperial Guard, Imperial guard commanders not being willing to sacrifice men, stuff like that. If you don’t care about the warhammer fiction, this won’t bother you but if you do, it will grind on you thought the game.

You should just walk straight past these guys.

This game features multiplayer that isn’t going to set the world on fire. It’s your standard collection of gameplay modes that I can’t see bring you back again and again. During my playthrough of the game, I had trouble getting into games due to the lack of players.

In conclusion, Space Marine is a game that you will have a thoroughly good time during the duration of the campaign, and if you can get into them, have a decent time for a bit online. It’s not going to be changing the world of third person shooters, but provides a fun 14 or so hours of entertainment.


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