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Great but...

Chainswords, Space British, and Orks with a K. Those are a few things to expect when playing 40k Space Marine. You play as Titus captain of the Ultramarines, and wow your whole team just look so badass. You have giant shoulder pads with skulls on them, you rip guys apart to get health back, you don't use cover because fuck that and your dude just looks even cooler by the end of the game.

The game starts off with you flying over this planet getting ready to land. When you spot Ork airships flying by. Then Captain Titus (you) makes the call and say were jumping, so that we can take out those airships. You do and you blow them up and of course you get separated form your squad. You then go out to find them and last survivors. The story defiantly takes a turn that I didn't really see coming, and it was a good one it changes up the story and the gameplay.

For the most part of the game it just has you ripping through guy and tearing them apart weather it be with your Chainsword or with your guns, and it feels like they have mastered ripping guys apart because they just blow up in to the mist of red when you shoot them our when you gut them in half with your sword. Just going into a group of 100 Orks and just coming out the other end covered in blood feels amazing, looks so cool,and is so much fun.

The story mode will take you about 8 to 10 hours to beat if you play it on normal. It feeds you new stuff pretty frequently so it feels a little different now that you have this new gun or this new melee weapon, it never gets boring I'll just say that.

Now on to the multiplayer, which has variety of different modes 2 competitive, deathmatch and a point capture mode, then it also has a horde mode with waves of enemies and different objectives. It is class based you have a melee, a stationary gunner guy, and just you all around gun guy. It plays pretty well and has the call of duty carrot on a stick aspect of unlocking stuff as you progress but not only do you unlock weapons and perks but you also unlock a bunch of cosmetic items through achievements and leveling up, which personally I spent a lot of time just dressing up both my dudes. One of the main issues I had with it was that in the beginning it felt like I was really at a disadvantage, because it was just getting killed instantly in some cases. That might turn some players off but stick with it you unlock a lot of cool stuff from new stuff like a jetpack to all the guns you had access to in the campaign.

The game is a great package with a satisfying campaign, some great multiplayer fun. It's centrally not perfect though, there's not that many different weapons, it can get dull and feel like your just doing the same thing over and over again, but those points are few and far between.


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