jimbo_n's Warhammer: Dark Omen (PC) review

Warhammer fan or not, all you need to like is strategy !

Whether youre into Warhammer or not this real time wargame is totally rad. You command giant armies of Warhammer figures wich you customize with stuff from the boardgame before you go out. The campaign has a dark and gripping story and at the time the 2D/3D mixed graphics looked fabulous. It had a great feel to it that not even the Total War games could get through to me. The epic fantasy feel of the battles, the characters and the heroes were fantastic and the strategic elements were very deep. I still remember playing this day out and day in on my moms "new" computer that she had gotten home from work. The first thing I did was getting Dark Omen because I had wanted to play it for so long.


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