Anyone from Europe?

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How do you log into the EU site?

i can't find the place to log in lol...

Also, you know when you make your first character, there is nothing about subscriptions here?

because i didn't have to put credit card details or anything in...

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The account management pages on the EU site is down at the moment - have a look at this thread for more information from an EU community representative:

We chose to bring down all non-essential services during Head Start and Launch as a precaution. We should have brought back the Account Management pages by now but there's been delays. We're hoping to have them back online this afternoon.
There's been an update since saying they'll be back up on Monday (see the status thread here).
For now, if you need to register a key, use the Code section of the site - you won't need to put in credit card details or anything yet because you have a grace period plus your free 30 days to get through before they start charging you.
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Thanks, you were a lot of help.

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