Are there official WAR forums...

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I just started in the open beta yesterday and I must be blind, because I can't seem to find them anywhere.  From the herald page there is a link to forums and fansites... but no "official forums".


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Nope. I assume that, since it's Mythic developing, there won't be any official forums. With their last MMO, Dark Age of Camelot, they just outsourced the official-unofficial forums out to IGN Vault.

They did most of their community notifications through "grab-bags" and quick front-page updates, instead of using the main site page as a junk ad-bin like Blizzard does.

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There is an official forums, its restricted to elder beta users atm.

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Vecta said:
"There is an official forums, its restricted to elder beta users atm."
Yes they have closed beta forums, but they will never be anything but that.  Mythic said they will never have official forums because it just becomes a place for people to whine directly to the developers.  Look at how horrible the WoW forums are, everyone's complaining that all the classes are overpowered.

I recommend Warhammer Alliance, it's very active and WAR devs do frequent it and answer questions and whatnot.
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Awesome!  Thanks.  I agree with you about the WoW forums though.  With 11 million subscribers... what a pain in the ass.

I was just looking for somewhere to look and see what issues people are having with the game.

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