"Call to Arms" Live Update coming in March

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Eurogamer reports; GOA unveils enormous WAR update

GOA has announced that a great big "Call to Arms" update for Warhammer Online will go live from March.

Top of the bill are re-instated classes Orc Choppa and Dwarf Slayer. Both are mirrors of one another: berserk, up-close brawlers with little regard for their own safety.
The other big feature will be a Land of the Dead zone, home to an enormous new Tomb Kings dungeon...

There were also tokens to collect from hellish enemies that could be spent on equipment sold by imps. And the further down players descended the much more difficult life became, culminating in an enormous boss encounter with the Legion - a screen-filling monster made up from thousands of corpses.

The Land of the Dead will be openly contested, then, and whoever controls the area will unlock the numerous public quests and instances associated with the zone.
On top of all this, Mythic will be finally implementing official Warhammer Online forums, adding extra Realm Wars functionality to the website, and offering a free trial versions of the game.

Plus, this Call to Arms update is just the first of the "live expansions" planned for Warhammer Online.
Some really interesting stuff coming - for those of you who haven't given this game a go, I'd recommend it as soon as this update is released.
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Much more information on this is now availabe on the official Warhammer Online site, here.

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I checked these forums expecting it to be dead, I cant believe a moderator is posting stuff lol.  I myself am very excited about the update.  I took a break and as soon as I heard they are adding slayers I re activated my account.

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