First Thing You Will Do In Game

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So you bought the CE, congrats, but now is not the time for celebrating! You get your headstart, install patch up and good to go

Now you make your toon, spending probably far to long adding every last excruciating detail.

Then you login.

Then you:

#2 Posted by KinRai (21 posts) -

Kill stuff! Muwuhahahaha!
After checking out the tutorial and shit ofcourse.

#3 Posted by Feanor (1440 posts) -

Getting all the people who will be in the guild I am making onto my Flist.  And getting the guild up asap.

#4 Posted by Xero (183 posts) -

Power level !!!

#5 Posted by Phantom_Crash (303 posts) -

1. Look around a bit.
2. Take a quest or 2.
3. Get to know my Class (Dwarf Engineer or Bright Wizard)
4. ???
5. Profit and PvP/RvR

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1. Will not buy it.
2. Will crack jokes about it.
3. Sleep.
4. Repeat step 1 through 3.
5. Go outside, maybeh.
6. Gets scared and go back inside.
7. Gives up on life and play WoW.
8. ???
9. Profit.

#7 Posted by Aas (623 posts) -

*sniff sniff* I smell 4chan?

#8 Posted by Railith (59 posts) -

I will type /dance and watch what happens.

#9 Posted by Balls (574 posts) -

Which game idiot?

#10 Posted by Phantom_Crash (303 posts) -

3. ???
4. Profit
thing is from South Park, the Underpants Gnome episode if I'm not mistaken.

#11 Posted by LethalKi11ler (1594 posts) -
Balls said:
"Which game idiot?"
It's the WAR page so its about WAR lol...

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