Giant Bomb Sweet Dudes Guild.

#1 Posted by Oedipus (87 posts) -

Hey Team,

If it doesn't exist, we should make one. A Guild of Sweet Dudes from Giant Bomb. There can also be Dudettes, no worries, but it'd be nice to have a guild somewhere for Casual Murder in an MMO environment. Bros can also be in the guild.

#2 Posted by Virago (2563 posts) -

nice to see you respecting the dudettes! woo!

#3 Posted by Royale (185 posts) -

What server and faction?  That would be fun.

#4 Posted by MrGetBonus (792 posts) -

Been lookin to roll a order dude so if it's order I'd be in...

#5 Posted by OGCartman (4330 posts) -

There would be like 10 characters in it =(

I think what would be better is if everyone joined the same guild :D

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#7 Posted by Gizmo (5467 posts) -

Anyone who is a casual gamer would not have a pc good enough to run War online.

#8 Posted by Royale (185 posts) -

TGizmo said:

"Anyone who is a casual gamer would not have a pc good enough to run War online."

hen casual user buys 150 video card and puts it in his computer and plays War online and becomes a PC.  The bar of entry into PC gaming really isn't as big as people make it out to be.  You have a computer right?  All your computer needs is a decent video card and a decent video card costs 100 dollars less than a Wii.
#9 Posted by Patchinko (885 posts) -
Gizmo said:
"Anyone who is a casual gamer would not have a pc good enough to run War online."
Yeah, because getting an $80 9600GT is really tough for casual gamers.
#10 Posted by eqaddictedfool (130 posts) -

To be quite honest with you there wouldnt be to many folks in it you would be devided by those that want to be faction and those that want order. you also dont want you guildees not having anyone to talk to most of the time for instance if most people are on in the morning but you work in the morning and so on. Those wanting to however may join a guild of mine i got going on the destruction side. We are casual based and are working on having plent of members around as well as events to keep everyone entertained. But I am extending an invite out to all fellow giant bombers. We are on the Monolith server. The name is Irrisistible Force (little warhammer joke there) and if any are interested send me a tell on my main Tisera There will always be a spot for you.

And to add my 5 cents on the casual game thing my girlfriend,cousin,brother are all casual gamers with very standard pcs. No complaints from them yet.

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