How Can We Stop Warhammer Online Cheats

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Hi i would like to take this time to get a quick poll on members. I'm not sure if i can post this here so if I'm violating the rules mods feel free to delete this post right away, however this is something that has been bugging me so i decided it was time to create an account here and post. Anyways the question at hand is do people think botting sites should be allowed. For example i did a quick search on the net and pulled up right away sites like

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these sites not only have bots but they have radars that can see players in game. This is something that is totally unfair and gives players far to great of an advantage on others. Well anyways personally i think they should not be allowed as it makes the legit players far underpowered to the overly powerful players. Here is even ascreen shot</a> of the radar working that they have on there site it needs to be stopped. The worst part was how easy it was for me to pull up like 10 sites for warhammer online cheating by just typing warhammer online. Its not even under a specific key word.

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