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At about 75% through my installition, I get an error.I usually just click try again so whenever it pop's up again I'll tell you what the error number is.

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Can't really offer much advice without more information about the error itself. Off hand, I'd check a few of the following:

+ If you have access to another system (with a DVD drive), can you install on that? If not, then it's probably a problem with the actual physical media and you might try exchanging it for a new copy at the store. Especially if it always happens around the same point.

+ Do you have at least 15gb or more drive space free prior to installation?

+ Do you have an anti-virus / trojan-scanner or other similar application running? Try disabling it during installation.

If you can't successfully install on another system, then the blame is most likely on the disc or the installer itself. If it installs fine, but not on your primary system, them the problem is very likely with your system resources or some other constraining issue on that system.

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Thanks for trying to help but I've pretty much quit on it.

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