More Server Shutdowns

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They are closing Iron Rock and Volkmar  in  North America and Carroburg in Europe.  It's hard not to see this as a very bad sign.  So they have lost 1/2 of a small US playerbase?  If it's anything like a WoW server, that means there are what 10K players in NA?  I wonder if they could even go free-to-play if they wanted at this point.  It would probably produce a big player surge that would necessitate more servers. So I interpret further closings as a sign they are doubling-down on the monthly fee model.  As a fan of the Warhammer fiction, it saddens me.  But then I never paid to play the game either so it's not like I did anything to help them.
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After Jacobs left and they took a new direction I'd been expecting this, not that Jacobs "leaving" was a bad thing, but, eh. Nothing but catering to the hardcore. I'm told the gap between fresh R40 and R40 with full Sovereign is nothing to R40 full Sov to R40 with the latest greatest Skaven gear, too. Did they add twinking possibilities to T2 and T3 yet? More nails in that coffin, yaknow. I sound like doom and gloom and I do, but melding servers is good.
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