Official Guild Recruitment Thread

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~!~ Vanguard ~!~ US Destruction Guild (PvE, RvR)

Honor. Devotion. Character. Unity. Commitment. Five words that define who we are in the Vanguard.

Why join a guild when you can join a Family?

Vanguard is looking for members to join our tight knit group of players. Through RvR, PvE, scheduled events, random parties, and helping those who need help, our family will be one of the more respected and well known guilds on our server.

By joining the Vanguard, you aren't just joining a guild. You are joining a circle of players who play to have fun within Warhammer. Our players have just as much fun helping someone else level as they do getting the best and newest gear.

Vanguard is also using a new concept for guild gameplay. When you join Vanguard, you can choose to join our Mercenary ranks. If you join our mercenary group, you will be entitled to help the Vanguard in our contracted work around the server, be it protecting a keep, filling gaps in a pre-organized group, even escorting people in-between the zones. Our top-notch mercenaries will help those in need, while still accomplishing their personal goals.

We have a fully functioning website and forums, and when open beta launches we will be adding a ventrilo server.

- 17 years of age or older. Players under the age of 17 are welcome to apply, we will evaluate on a case-by-case basis

- Treat others with due respect

- Players are expected to uphold the guild charter

- Keep the drama out of guild chat and public forums

---- Vanguard is looking for Officers! Visit the website for more information! ~~~~

Additional Officer Requirements:
- Must play at least 3 nights a week
- Required attendance at guild officer meetings
- Must donate time to help one person or group free each week
- Must be willing to answer questions and resolve disputes if a guild leader is not present.

If you are interested in joining Vanguard, please visit our website at
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We have added a lot of stuff in recent days!  Come check us out!

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Is this this official thread?

If so:

Guild Vanaheim

Order Guild - Selective recruitment - 18+

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To: TurboninjaPanda

Im not gonna lie, you seem way to serious about a video game......
true its gonna be an amazing game but not one to devote ur life too....
i may join that server just to join the order and make it my personal interest to hunt down and kill members of your guild


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Well if anyone is on "Red eye mountain" me and some friends started a guild, we have around 40 members now. We have vent, and its pretty bad ass...Death before Dishonor is our name, Ramhammher is my toon so just tell me.

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