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#51 Posted by jakob187 (21662 posts) -

Well, I've been slow leveling in order to let some buddies catch up to me.  I'm bout to hit 27 tonight, and I got my first armor set piece in RvR today (one of my guildies was in the match with me, and he won both of the pieces...Devastators' Tramplers).  I haven't gotten any new gear in a while, as I've been questing back in the DE lowbie areas to finish out quests since they had done the update to increase the XP output on all those quests.  =  D  I was getting 4k XP from quests that used to be 2k.  Meanwhile, I've loaded up on about 70+ titles and a crapload of bestiary unlocks for tome tactics (and they finally put the librarians to buy those tactics from back in).

And with this week being Dead Space, while next week is Fable II, and the next week is Fallout 3...needless to say, I've got a LOT on my plate for user reviews and just catching up on all the other shit.  lol

But I'll get around to some more updates soon enough.  I think I'll be waiting til I break into T4 content before I throw some more stuff up.
#52 Posted by Reale (261 posts) -

ahh yeah, fallout 3, looking forward to that too, i think i will balance my time out but if i cant get WAR to work i will probably sink more time into FO3

#53 Posted by jakob187 (21662 posts) -

Ugh...damn Dead Space taking all my time away from Warhammer.

I picked it back up today, though, for a little while.  There's been a ton of improvement in performance and such since I last played.  My stats haven't really changed much, though.  lol  I'm still Rank 27, RR19.
#54 Posted by Bram (123 posts) -

Ive recently started playing wow. I've looked at this game recently and nothing about it sounds interesting and would want to make me quit wow to play it,,

#55 Posted by jakob187 (21662 posts) -

Well, given that WoW just put all the same features from Warhammer into their game...and you haven't actually played Warhammer...I would say "play it".  I played WoW for three years, and I gave up a season 3 warrior and a season 2 mage for this game...and I don't regret it one bit.  =  /

But thanks for jumping in the thread and spreading negativity!!!  = D
#56 Posted by Reale (261 posts) -

Now up to rank 22 and RR17, will post update soon :D

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