Post your name!

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I haven't got a name yet, as i'm still patching, but post your name and server.

We can have a GiantBomb guild!

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DazbotAthertron said:
"I haven't got a name yet, as i'm still patching, but post your name and server.

We can have a GiantBomb guild!"
My name is "Cartman"
Im on Volkmar.

But on the guild, i dont think its a good idea because it would be way to small
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I made one of every class,  so unless you want me to type out 20 names i will just say what servers i am on Vortex (for Order)  Iron Rock (for Destruction)

#4 Posted by TheBeast (1931 posts) -

Playing a dwarf rune priest called Andorf on Eltharion (Open RvR) EU at the moment - great fun!

#5 Posted by Jimbo_N (1197 posts) -

Kathleena, Empire Witch Hunter, (EN)Alarielle - Open RvR, RP - EU. Not changing anytime soon.

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Lol, I cant run that game! Ima go play The Thing with at full graphics hah.

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Riddelz - wurtbad

#8 Posted by JoelTGM (5596 posts) -

Juggler, a chosen on Kragg.

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Hatinir, Chosen on Darkwald, Guild Leader of "Sons of Fenrir"

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Finlee, the Chaos Marauder on Monolith.  I've got a 7-day trial account right now through iGames, then I'm upgrading it tomorrow when I buy a copy.

I'm starting a guild on there already.  Thanks though.
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Iron Rock, Destruction

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#13 Posted by Davvyk (693 posts) -

Mudrag - Black Orc

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Dwarf - Ironbreaker

Of course, I don't know how much longer that will be since RvR wait times are . . . well, let's just say I played for six hours with my RvR button on. Then another ten hours later in the day/night. And never got any RvR either time. And nobody is doing PQs. Or open groups/parties. Well, actually, there aren't really any people, period. Doing anything. Any where. Every great once in awhile, you might pass by another player . . . but that's kind of rare.

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Karvath, R11, Chaos Magus on Karag Dron (EU).

Just started playing today and my initial impressions are fantastic. Goes way beyond what I expected :D.

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Blindeffekt/Engineer On Darklands Oceanic.

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Destro side

and a yet undecided one I will make my magus

On server Bechafen or something like that...
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Made a White Lion a week ago R18/RR12


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