Pre ordered but no beta. why?

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I have have the Collector's edition pre ordered for almost 5 months now but have yet to get any kind of beta key or any info saying anything about getting in the game early,  anyone know whats up? or am i just not taking the right steps to get the info?

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have you contacted the developer?

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you would have to contact the peopel you preordered from(assuming gamestop or whatever) and ask them for a key. If they run out however like mine has, you're shit out of luck.

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Dam that sucks man, where did u get it from?

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Call whoever you got it from and ask if they have codes, even if they're only the standard edition codes.  The open beta is pretty much over so no point in worrying about that now, but there is the headstart and the in-game items.  For those of us who received collector's edition preorder codes, our headstart begins on the 14th, standard edition headstart begins on the 16th, and everyone else starts playing when the game comes out on the 18th.  I highly doubt there are any more CE codes left, but if you could get standard codes, the only difference would be minus 2 days from the headstart.

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Check this out
Gamestop was holding onto CE codes that they should have given to people who preordered, and then selling them at very high prices.  There is still a chance that you can get your CE codes if you preordered from Gamestop, they might have some available now.  If your store doesn't have them, try calling customer support too, that's how I got mine.

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in the UK i know have early acess but other than that i think the betas getting pretty full frome what a friend in my guild o AoC said

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just an update i called Gamestop and they said would send me the codes via E-mail and they did.    Now i got to go sign up for 3 different things and put all these codes in.  Thanks for the hand guys

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