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SO the game has lauched, we're all playing it. What's next?

Mark Jacob had this to say in another interview ( im quoting the guy left and right these days but hey, he talks a lot! )

Ten Ton Hammer: What can you tell us about the future? What's coming down the pipe?
Mark: I can tell you without any fear of contradiction that one of the things we are looking at is bug fixes. That is a priority item for us.
On a decidedly different track, over the next four months we're looking at bringing back some of those classes that we cut or some of the other content that was cut. Or giving players some additional things that they want and have been asking for.
That said, we're not making the game more PvE.

So basically, the jury is still out at Mythic. They have a list of things to add as of post-launch content, but apparantly its not deceided.

So YOU make the call. What are your priorities? What would you tell to your post-launch dev team?

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I've not played WAR but i think every MMO needs to focus on getting rid of as many bugs as they can after launch before adding new content or balancing classes.

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Well he kinda said that, but lets assume the vast majority of bugs have been fixed?

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The first two thing I thought of when asking myself what they should do next: Fix bugs (especially the laggy enemies bug) and add back the classes they removed.

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I want my choppa!

But now I'm playing as an Ironbreaker and having a blast!

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