RvR Scenerio XP/Renown Farming

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As much as I don't want to bring up WoW, and haven't touched WAR it seems comparable to how BGs play out in Warcraft. Most people just stand idle in a cave doing nothing but farm points. WoW's solution was to implement a reporting system, and I believe you also lost Honor or some shit. I think WAR having a report system would be progress.

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Mythic are experimenting with a few ideas in 1.0.2 (due soon) which should help fix the problem:

In an ongoing effort to deter players from going AFK while in scenario starting areas, we have made the following changes:
  • First, players who join a scenario and remain in their realm's spawn area for two minutes will be automatically removed from that scenario.
  • Second, upon entering the spawn area of a scenario, players will receive a debuff that prevents them from earning renown and experience. This debuff will be removed when the player leaves the spawn area.
Source - WarhammerOnline.com Herald
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This has been discussed on the WAR Forums alot.....ALOT lol.
I think their should be a couple minute idle time, if you dont heal / do damage in say, 3 minutes. You get kicked.
Or something like that =P

I HATE people that do that, just stand their while we lose =(

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Still gotta admit they were pretty fast to try to stop AFKing. WoW took their sweet ass time back on the days to fix that very same issue. Took 2 weeks after launch for Mythic. Gotta admire that.

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I haven't really noticed this problem myself...  maybe I just don't pay attention.  But maybe that's the reason why destruction on my server has been getting our asses handed to us in Morkain Temple lately.  Or maybe no one understands the mechanics of the scenarios... but that's another topic.

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