sooo... how are things?

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I stopped playing WAR just over a month ago thanks to the piles of other awesome games coming out including fallout 3, fable 2, COD WAW, Gears 2, etc... I fully intend on re-subscribing in the spring time, or whenever I finish playing all of these other games in my pile, which I indicated in my exit survey.

So I'm sure that things have changed a bit since I stopped.  How are things?  Any good updates I should know about?  How's the RVR doing now?  Now that more people are in end game RVR, how is that playing out?  

I really really want to start up again, but know that if I do I may miss out on the awesome games I'm currently playing.
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I just picked up a copy a few days ago so i couldnt tell you if anything has changed much. But i do know there are a lot of people at 40 right now, things still appear like a ghost town until some action happens, then people just come out of the wood works.

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I would also like to know how things have been since in the past few months, as i type this Im installing WAR now. I hate to think how many patches I need to download.

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WoW claims another

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I'm still playing on and off and still having fun, surprisingly enough.

They're constantly patching and rebalancing things - nothing has had much of an impact on the core problems of the gameplay yet though unfortunately.
Some experiences are just horrible and laggy and put you right off, whereas you can get in to a good keep siege and it turns out to be great fun.
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I've had to switch servers three times due to low population.

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I really want to see WAR succeed. I'm a huge Warhammer fan and was pretty upset that my rather old computer has no hopes of running it.

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