State of this game now?

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So I played for a few months at launch until Wrath was released and actually really enjoyed it for the most part. I'm looking for something to hold me over until Cataclysm comes out, so I'm considering coming back to WAR.
How is the game doing now? I'm aware it's been bleeeding subscribers, but if the game experience is reasonable then I'd be willing to come back for a couple months.

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Dont. that game is dead
i quit playing 2 months ago and unless there was a mayor patch or significant player incease within that time, there is no reason to go back.
With SW:TOR, Warhammer 40k or Jumpgate coming out, the amount of Warhammer Players will go down even more.
Try Aion if you're into Anime and WoW, i heard that game is pretty good
Or wait for LOTR:Online to become (almost) free to play. I played that for 2 years, and if you dig the whole LOTR-Universe you will love that game

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There's a few servers left and the first 20 levels and level cap content are pretty busy. It's the gap inbetween where you'll find trouble getting some groups. I would say at least try the infinite free trial which lasts until level 10, that's probably the most fun I had in that game.
Honestly, I feel bad for the dev team, they are trying so hard to keep people playing and to get new players, they're so enthusiastic about it all and actually listen to their community. They have made a good game, they just couldn't hold onto people whenever a new MMO was released. I hope they will all be moved onto SW:TOR when the time comes.

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@Vorbis: They made to many mistakes with that game:  technical issues (especially with large number of players fighting), lack of content and bugs that took to long to fix.
Although it had some potential, with so many other MMORGS out there the tolerance for mistakes is pretty low... especially for non-fanbois
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@Taka:  Definitly had some issues, the PvE was pretty poor. But going from WoWs PvP to WARs was such a big difference, that was something they did right. 

They served the IP well, hope THQ will do the same for WH40, the Dawn of War games have shown there should be no issues.
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They definintely did a better job with the pvp in WAR compared to WoW, but I'd also argue that WoW began a PvE focused game and still is despite Blizzard's best efforts to hold PvP interest.
I'm really just interested in something to hold me over until 40k and SW:TOR aren't really concerns of mine (although they both look pretty cool and I'll probably spend a few months with each until innevitably returning to WoW)
Maybe it's time to give MMOs a break and give the 360 some love...Fallout DLC is calling my name...

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 Well, currently War is pretty enjoyable, like me a lot of peoples has come back, some server are really overpopulated, and in december they will put out three little expansions with a new RvR zone and the skavens as playable race, so currently, if you want PvP, Warhammer is still the best you can have. 
Here's a review of warhammer after 2 years-> Link 

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