Warhammer Online.. is it worth it?

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I've been looking for a new MMO since WoW got mighty boring for me, and I keep coming back and looking at Warhammer Online. I've been a huge warhammer buff for about 10 years now, and I love the depth of the lore, and the game looks very lore steeped (lots of reading!). But is it worth the monthly fee? I get the RvR setup, but what kind of PvE does the game offer? Its it mostly basically PvP? Or is there a story element to it as well?


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the pve is nothing spectacular, the public quests were cool back at launch but now that there is not many people playing the game, those public quest will be kind of barren.   as for end game, there wasn't a really good end game pve content when i was playing the game.  They added stuff later on but again, most of the pve stuff was to get better gear for pvp.   I don't know what the game looks like now, it's been about a year since i touched it.  

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