Warhammer Online on a Mac?

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I don't know if a topic already exists for this or not, first off.  I did a search, nothing popped up under "Warhammer Online Mac", so if there is a topic somewhere on this, link it so a mod can lock this.

Either way, my roommate just bought Warhammer Online but she's got a Mac.  I've hit some forums and such, and most of them said that it can work with Boot Camp but no other virtualization setups.  I'm wondering if anyone else on here knows anything about getting it to work on a Mac.  I'm Mac-illiterate, as ya know...PC is superior.  = D  She really wants to play, though...and I'm sure some of you doods want to meet a chick, so here's your chance!!!

Well, not really...she's taken...and not by me.  =  (

So any info would be well appreciated.  Trying to read through all the crazy forum posts on Warhammer's forums and elsewhere is like trying to read the cave paintings left in the toilet by a 8-year-old that ate corn for two weeks straight.  =  /
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I'm pretty sure her best bet is to install boot camp and try it. 

I'm able to run it on medium-high settings using a macbook pro, 2gb ram, ati1600m.
Windows XP SP3.

Im pretty sure no virtualization will run it and nope, there's no mac client nor word of one coming in the future.
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Only on medium-high?  Ouch.  The game can be very pretty, although there are tons of texturing issues and graphical glitches, but then again...what PC game DOESN'T have that at launch?  lol

Good to hear that you are DEFINITELY able to run it with Boot Camp.  I'll let her know, and thanks for the advice, sir.
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As long as the hardware is sufficient, it'll run. But you'll have to use boot camp. The only virtualization software that I'm aware of which suppports DirectX 9 is the latest 2.0 version of VMWare. And even there, it's iffy and incomplete. And nothing will support DirectX 10.

I run everything at full settings and 2560x1600, but that's on an 8-core Mac Pro desktop with 32gb of ram and a GeForce 8800.

It should still run fine on a laptop, though perhaps not with all the values tweaked high.

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I'm not even sure Warhammer uses two cores. More than 2 gigs of RAM doesn't do anything for the game.

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It's unlikely that Warhammer utilizes multiple cores as it just doesn't make that kind of demand of a system and there's no advantage to be gained after a point. It'll certainly run better on a multi-core system than a single core, but only because of offloading of other services leaving more for Warhammer to consume on the core its process is running on.

The problem with a laptop would be that the onboard integrated video "card" would probably not be beefy enough.

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