What class are you going to roll?

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#51 Posted by CyborgNinja (24 posts) -

Still trying to decide between a warrior priest or a witch hunter

#52 Posted by Hulk (428 posts) -

If Hulk ever plays this it will be as a Bright Wizard since they look to be the overpowered "easy mode" equivalent of Warlocks in WoW which Hulk enjoyed.

#53 Posted by makari (595 posts) -

i played a squig hunter in OB, but switched to disciple late in it and enjoyed it alot more.

#54 Posted by guiseppe (2838 posts) -

Chaos Magus as it is right now. It'll definately be Chaos though, since I've always gone with them in Warhammer universe before. Foofin love em :D.

#55 Posted by Royale (157 posts) -

I was going to play shaman, but until the crazy faction population imbalance evens out, I plan on rolling with a bright wizard.  I'm level 6 and patiently waiting for some sort of stun or root to help out in the RVR.

#56 Posted by TheBeast (1931 posts) -

I'm playing a Rune Priest at the moment - finding it great fun. Unfortuantely, there seems to be much more interest in Destruction, so the servers' at a slight imbalance at the moment, it'll probably even out eventually though.

I can't really fight back in 1v1 at the moment - just stand there healing myself... but hopefully that'll change.

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