Worth my time to get into WAR?

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First off I just want to say that I'm a huge Warhammer fan from way back. Ever since a friend of mine introduced me to the tabletop game back in Junior High I've been fascinated by the setting. Since then I've had ill-fated attempts at painting up armies and read much of the background fiction. So, I'm all about the setting and from what I've heard EA Mythic pulled it off pretty well.

I picked up the game at launch last fall but was unable to play due to my comp being a tad too old. While I was happy to see the game take off initially in the months since it hasn't been smooth sailing. The population has shrunk to something around 300,000, they've consolidated servers, and EA Mythic has been the victim of layoffs.

So, before I go to the effort of updating my PC to try and run WAR I was wondering if anyone still playing could tell me what things are like? Is there still an active and dedicated base in place or does it have the feeling of a sinking ship? I really want WAR to succeed just for how much I love the setting but I don't want to leave WoW for something that isn't going to last.

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The game is still very much active, some servers more than others, however.  Mythic's adding new content all the time, and the Dwarf Slayer and Orc Choppa are getting added in (for free) this month.  Recently, Open world RVR has really taken off, and Mythic's done a good job catering to solo players in Public Quests in lower tiers that may have a lower population.

The population that's on WAR is a lot like the population that's on LOTRO.  They're not as numerous as those on WoW, but the maturity level is much higher as most of the jerks, scammers, and gold farmers usually gravitate to where they can cause the most damage- and that's WoW.  Good guilds abound, and the one I was with was growing constantly (I had to leave due to financial reasons).  I wrote a blog about it, and you can view it HERE.

I guess the bottom line is if you like the questing/raiding of WoW, but want more "OOMPH" in your PvP, and are hooked on unlocking things in your Tome of Knowledge (I was a Tome Junkie, btw), then WAR's completely worth your time.  And let's be honest, here. Despite everything WoW says, they really haven't made significant headway in the last expansion to change the game. Once you hit that level cap, it's still raid raid raid.  With WAR, you can affect the entire gaming world, and that's what interests me most.

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Warhammer Online may not have as many people playing it as WoW but thats because WoW came out years ago and when it started it didn't have 11.5 million people playing the game straight away. Its taken years for it to gather such a large playerbase and community, mainly because since release Blizzard have continually made the game easier to attract new people who might be put off by the stigma that MMO's have. Which is you need to be playing for a long and regular amount of time to gain anything important.

I started the 10 day trial a few days ago (think there is still time for you to try it out as well) and decided to buy the full game yesterday morning. Really enjoying the Public Quests, Tome of Knowledge (Tome junkie here too!) and the RvR aka PvP aspects of the game. The playerbase is in the 350,000 region I believe and a number of servers have been merged to make sure populations of Order and Destruction players are equal. Some servers had one faction outnumbering the other by a very large amount meaning it was pretty one sided for whoever outnumbered the other. So they've merged a number of servers to balance out the populations to make realm control more equal.

WAR captures the feel of the Warhammer lore and atmosphere really well, it has decent class balance (from what I can tell anyway), numerous areas both famous and obscure to explore (Altdorf, Nordland etc) and a far more mature playerbase. The advantage of a smaller community means you actually get help when you ask for it and you can make sense of whats going on without seeing a dozen kids spamming the channel for "lulz".

Personally I put off buying WAR when it was released after Age of Conan flunked. I kind of wish I had just gone on and bought WAR instead and I could be sitting here telling you amazing tales of my adventures. But from my short experience with this particular MMO I'd say its definately worth buying the game. Even if the playerbase never expands over the 500,000 mark it will still be a game worth playing. I'd rather play an MMO that caters to current players than one which constantly does everything to attract new ones and as a result break the game for the longterm players.

If you happen to buy the European version of the game. I suggest you join Karak-Norn server and look up some guy called Luchadeer ;)

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Thanks for the feedback. I asked this question because with my tax refund I have the money to buy a decently beefy computer to give new games like Dawn of War II and WAR playable.

Personally I'm a care bear. I've never been into the whole PvP thing and mostly concentrate on crafting, dungeons, and raids. More than anything the Warhammer world is what I'm interested in getting into. Holding a history degree things like the Tome of Knowledge look like they could potentially become an obsession.

I'm not going to leave WoW if I were to play WAR. I've put so much time and love into that game, and all my friends are there, that I can't ever really leave. I'd just put some effort into WAR on the side to enjoy the atmosphere.

So, going by what has been said here I think I'm going to look into getting that comp and giving it another shot. Worse comes to worse at least I'll get to kill a few Beastmen.

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