You call this a head start?

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So I have been playing the "head start" for WAR, and though its nice to be doing stuff that will really matter for characters later,  I have to say its whats the deal?  We are not playing the full version of the game really.  We are still playing the beta version.  We don't have the Pre-ordered items, cause you need to have the CD key to get them.   I kind of feel like how Jeff did on the bombcast,  its just a stress test for the servers more then its an early start to the full game.

This all aside The game is fun.  for the server i was on it ran great, besides the game frezing up for 4 sec only one time in 5 hours of play. 

Thing i like best about War so far is the public quests.  They are a lot of fun. Questing in geniral is better then in WoW(so far at least)  I have yet to feel the, "how many of these guys do i have to kill to get a heart?" feeling you get in a lot of WoW quests.

At any rate what do you guys think of "head start"?

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I'm patiently waiting until tomorrow for my head start.  I'm excited to get in and start playing.  Even on Saturday night, knowing thay my chars were going to be wiped in the morning... I couldn't stop playing.

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uh, the Head Start has carried over to the retail. So it was not the beta. The Open beta was just before the headstart. It was a pretty short headstart tho and I worked most of those days anyway so it was kinda wasted for me.

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