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Peerless PvP/RvR!! Everything Else? Not so much....

First and foremost, this is the best PvP/RvR experience to date since Dark Age of Camelot, and that makes a lot of sense for obvious reasons. The PvP in this game is fast paced, action packed, accessible and well integrated. This is where to come for epic  pvp action. Hands down the best MMOPRG PvP available.
However, the accolades for WAR pretty much end there.
The graphics are absolutely atrocious! They are one step above World of Warcraft, which is all fine and dandy, except for the fact that World of Warcraft was released almost half a decade ago! For the gamers used to the beautiful vistas of The Lord of the Rings Online or Age of Conan, the graphics of WAR will be a HUGE step down. Mythic has their reasons for this, but I call bollocks.
The PvE is average at best and its only saving grace is the Public Quest system....which even has issues. The loot distribution is absolutely whacked. I came late to a Public Quest and the party was getting stomped. I (the healer) came in and literally saved the day which otherwise would have ended in a wipe for the party, but because I was late I didn't get any loot...despite the fact that it was because of me that the quest was completed at all. The Public Quest rewards need some serious polish. The rest of the PvE in WAR is all the same old crap, kill this, get that, see him/her. It's all filler while you're waiting for PvP and can't in any way compete with the PvE masterpieces of the Lord of the Rings Online (with its epic Book quests) or even Guild Wars (with its voice acted cut scenes and over-all story).
All in all WAR is rather mundane as an all round MMORPG. PvE is for the most part a bore, crafting is a tacked on side feature and social/roleplay elements are utterly scarce. If you want an all-round MMORPG experience, The Lord of the Rings Online or (gasp!) World of Warcraft will give you a much more fulfilling experience. If, however, you are a PvP fanatic or want a game to scratch that PvP/RvR itch, then WAR is peerless and leaves any other form of PvP in other MMO's in the dust.
Posted by jakob187

"WAR is rather mundane as an all-round MMORPG"

4 stars?  Your rating doesn't match your review.
Posted by Bwast

I think there is a bug with the reviews on the site. I remember giving WoW a 2.5 and now when I look at it it says that I gave it a 5. This same sort of thing can be said for all my reviews. They have all gone up.

Now then about the game. I wholeheartedly agree that the PvE in this game is sub-par to many games available today. In T4 however, there are a few interesting PQ bosses that kind of spark that "epic" feel but i really can't sit and quest with this game like I did with other MMOs. This is the definitative game for people that want PvP to mean something other than OMg PhaT LEwtZ and LAwL I jus PWneD U.

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After some thought 4 stars does seem a bit high. As a PvP game I would give it 5, and as a PvE game I'd give it 3. So 4 seemed to make sense. Perhaps 3.5 would have been more appropriate in hindsight. The main thing to understand is that the PvP rocks and the PvE is average at best.

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