orakk's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (PC) review

An amazing experience for PvP fans. Others, not so much.

Before I start, let me say this:

If you like going around killing monsters, returning quests and hate PvP. Then this game is not for you!
If you like killing monsters and real players at the same time. This game is your game!

I hated World of Warcraft because the PvP was so horrible, so I went to Warhammer and its giving me a freaking blast. I cant really say more than that. Its graphics are so polished and good, gameplay is awesome, sounds are cool, so generally, this game is kickass!

So, without further a do, if you dont have this game, go get it!

Graphics: 5
Gameplay: 4.5
Sound: 5
Overall: 5


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