Help me out in Warhawk?

#1 Posted by Fr0Br0 (3201 posts) -

So I'm downloading Warhawk off of PSN right now as we speak, but this is going to be my first time playing. I hear the game can be intensely hard for people new to it. I was wondering if anybody kind enough could kind of show me the ropes of the game. Give me some tactic ideas. Tell me the main controls. That kind of stuff.

If you could, hit me up with a friend request and maybe you can tutor me over the game. My PSN is LiquidOp. I'll be on in a couple hours.

#2 Posted by TheJollyRajah (1606 posts) -

First off, since you're new, I'd advise you to spend 5 minutes learning the controls in a game all by yourself. The controls will be awkward at first, but you'll get the hang of it soon enough.

Also, whenever you decide to run out into the battlefield, at least grab a rocket launcher. That way, if a Warhawk chases you, you can chase it away.

Everything else comes by playing the game. You'll get good soon enough.

My PSN name is the same as my Giant Bomb username.

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read the online manual for the control scheme since the downloadable doesnt come with one

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Thanks a lot guys. This helps.

And I have another question. Should I download the packs it says to download? Are both of them worth the money?

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You can play without them, but they're both worth a purchase. In fact, they have a deal now where you get both add-ons for a much cheaper price. It's about 11 bucks, I believe.

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Make sure you join a server labeled "Rookie". The max rank is low, so you won't be playing against people who are way better than you.

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Fr0Br0 said:
"Thanks a lot guys. This helps.

And I have another question. Should I download the packs it says to download? Are both of them worth the money?

see how you do with the game first, who knows, you may not even like it
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Okay, I think I'm getting the hang of this. The only problem I'm having so far is piloting the Warhawks. It seems like the people I play with (Rookie server) are miles better than me at piloting them. Is this a skill I will get better at the more I try? Because when I lock onto people, they seem to dodge my missiles without any effort, but I'm having a hard time dodging theirs.

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Go to Collection.  So many easy points to be had there.  I also like the Winning Bonus.  I think though when 1.50 comes out, people will setup Trophy Servers.  Kinda bad IMO, but not totally unexpected considering what happened with TF2 on PC.

#10 Posted by tripSevens (5 posts) -

Have you ever played any of the Battlefront games?

It's much like those. Just takes time, getting a feel for the various modes and maps.

Hit me up, my PSN is MorningRockStar. I don't play often, but I'm also somewhat of a rookie so we could learn together.

#11 Posted by Sentry (4198 posts) -

There is a patch coming that will include tutorial levels, that should help. :P

Once I get my PS3 back, I can teach you the basics, im pro in the WH. :P

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