Just won this off eBay!...how's the headset?

#1 Posted by Rob_Stellar (8 posts) -

^topic. Just won it off eBay with bluetooth headset for $30 plus $7 for shipping. I think I got an excellent deal for everything I'm hearing about the game, but just wondered if all the talk about the headset being bad is true for everyone that has used it. I wonder if it's just some people or if I won a headset that might work better than most.

Also, if people could add me to their friend's list that play this game so I could have a good handful of peeps to show me the ropes once I get it in the mail. It'd be much appreciated. My PSN ID is pcrookedltrp. Good looking out. See you on the battlefield!

#2 Posted by twenty0ne (3071 posts) -

That's a pretty good deal...

#3 Posted by Termite (2398 posts) -

I laughed when I saw the thread right below this one was "Superbad"

I haven't played it myself, but I've heard people say they didn't like it

#4 Posted by DarkLegend (1387 posts) -

That's a great deal, congrats man.

#5 Posted by tec3297 (1170 posts) -

eBay has the best deal, and from what I've heard the game is great.  I'm not sure about the headset though.

#6 Posted by mosespippy (4661 posts) -

THe headset is OK.  It gets the job done.  Or it used to.  Since the update to 2.4 all the bluetooth headsets will work for one game.  Then they stop working.  USB headsets work all the time.  

#7 Posted by albaker (437 posts) -

Good deal I guess, hows the quality of the game, or the disc?

#8 Posted by hazelnutman (1097 posts) -

Pretty good deal...

I got it for 40 bucks including the headset in the first week though, brand new :P

Headset works, just hard to put on -_-

#9 Posted by Elsa (19 posts) -

The Jabra headset works fine with most online games.
As Mosespippy said, some games are now having bluetooth headset problems since the 2.4 updates.  Warhawk had excellent voice chat and many people use the mics to communicate with their team, so it was immediately apparent that the update affected this game.  From what I understand COD4 and other games have also been affected.

Wired USB mics still work fine until they get the problem fixed.

#10 Posted by AndrewGaspar (2419 posts) -

"Just won this off eBay!"

That pisses me off. You didn't win it. You bought it.

#11 Posted by mosespippy (4661 posts) -

Except that it's an auction, and you have to have the winning bid.  So technically he may have won it, unless he used the buy now option.

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