#1 Posted by Christopper (102 posts) -

When's the patch, I want me some of them!

#2 Edited by blu_magnet (258 posts) -

Yea, waiting for that Warhawk patch man

#3 Posted by mosespippy (4468 posts) -

They have to wait for the end of the GGL tournament so that the patch can give the winners the Champions Blade.  They also need to wait for the deadline of the Euro custom Warhawk design contest which is similar to the one for the US that got us 20 new designs.  Both are scheduled to end at the end of July, so August is the earliest it can be released.

#4 Posted by DaMiTrOn (13 posts) -

Can't wait! Wish Jeff still played it though!, he was on my PSN buddy list for a while till one day he kicked me I guess/

#5 Posted by Nightkiller93 (174 posts) -

You just weren't cool enough.:P

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