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One of the best and most fun Multiplayer games I have ever played

Warhawk is a 3rd person multiplayer only game made by Incognito (the same developer behind the Twisted Metal series). Warhawk can be obtained a couple ways. The first is the disk based version which you get a retail stores and the second way is the download the game by using the PSN. I bought the disk version, just because it's my preference to have a big game like this on a disk.

The game can be considered a very fast paced Battlefield 2 in many ways. In Warhawk you can drive a variety of vehicles including Warhawks, tanks, and jeeps. Unlike Battlefield 2 there are no character classes (for example, the scout or a special ops class). When you first start playing Warhawk, don't expect a tutorial because there isn't one. Your just thrown into the fight and the game gives you hints via messages on the left side of the screen on how to control your character and any vehicle you may come across during the game. So when you start playing expect to get your butt kicked really quickly for sometime before you get the hang of it.

But when you do start to get the hang of it, this game is awesome. The battles are really intense and you are never in any situation where you got nothing to shoot at. The game is the classic Red vs Blue scenario where the teams are engaging in several game types like Capture the Flag, Death Match, Team Death Match and Zones.

The servers that you play on in Warhawk are mostly dedicated servers, which means the game as virtually no lag what so ever. You can host a game if you'd like but I find it more fun to play on dedicated servers. Also your character earns experience when playing on a dedicated server that can earn you medals, badges and also add new paint schemes for your Warhawk.

On the subject of paint schemes, you get to customize your character and Warhawk. You get more customization options as your rank increases.

For those of you who have not purchased the add-ons to this game I strongly encourage you do to so. The add- ons make this game much more interesting and fun to play. The add-ons include:

  • Omega Dawn. The add-on adds a new map called the Omega Factory. The map is the first map to include night time gameplay in Warhawk. The add-on also includes the Drop Ship, my favorite addition to the game.

  • Operation Broken Mirror. This add-on adds another new level called Vaporfield Glacier which is the first snow map for Warhawk. You also get the APC that can hold up to 7 of your teammates and can do a variety of things including charge up and smash into other vehicles.

Warhawk is a great game for anyone looking for mulitplayer on the PS3. It's non-stop action with battles you won't soon forget.
Posted by radion_null

I agree with your review. I want to add that the constant patches have improved the experience greatly.  For those new to Warhawk, game servers have been modified to reflect the ranks required to play on them (makes it easier for experienced players to find a challenge and new players to learn the ropes). People wanting to quickly join can do so with the "quick join" tab, and new game modes have been added:

Hero : a mode in which you randomly gain a temporary boost in health and damage power. It makes it easier to rack points for your team but being killed as the hero leads to more points being given to your opponents

Collection: a capture the flag-like mode that rewards you for collecting multiple orbs taking them to your base.

The game is definitely worth the price of admission.

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