dantheman's Wario Land 4 (Game Boy Advance) review

A kick ass 2D platformer

Wario Land 4 is everything you could possibly want from a platformer. The graphics are clean and pretty, the gameplay is tight, and the level design is unlike anything before it. While many might pass this game up thinking its just a mario knockoff this could not be further from the truth. In a 2D mario platformer the levels are very linear and in Wario Land 4 they have an extremly open, go out and explore feel. Each level is very different from the next, so the game never feels reptetive. Wario Land has everything from the typical fire and ice world (the ice world happens to be in a freezer) to a pinball world. The varity is crazy. Wario also has more attacks than mario and creative boss fights.

The actual gameplay is also very different from a Mario platforming game. In Wario Land 4 the goal is to collect 4 treasure peices that combine into a diamond, along with a key, to proceed to the next level. After beating four levels you will reach a boss stage. There is also a hidden CD in each level that is sometimes very hard to find, and can be played in the sound room. Some of the levels are very difficult with treasure hidden in tricky spots. Half way through the level you will have to hit a timer and run back to the start of the level before time runs out in a frantic spring. It can get really intense. Before each boss fight you get the chance to use the money from the coins you collected to play mini games. Doing well in these mini games earns you actual money you can spend in the item shop to purchase an item that helps you against a boss. The mini games include an awesome baseball game, some game where you jump over stuff as wario on a unicycle thing, and a not very fun matching game.

The music and graphics in this game are top notch. The music is very catchy and each of the 18 original levels are pretty to look at. The game could definitely be longer, but because you can get gold, silver, and bronze medals on every level, on top of finding the hidden cds, there is a lot of replay value here.

If you are a fan of 2D platformers and have not played this classic, do it RIGHT NOW. You will not be dissapointed.

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