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Forum Name
WarioWare Name
Friend Code
 5242 4375 0627
 leoplureodonLeo 3910-9998-5452 
 4168 6984 9400
 1119 2719 7063  
 3868 0515 2099
 MeowayneFlorian 1291 0632 8760
 1634 6704 8795 
 0131 4301 9886 
 1119 2729 2880 
 0689 7793 4983                                                
Matt 1419 9304 2810 
 hmeceyHarrison 2966 0978 8627 
 1677 6321 9736  
 3610 3578 7817
 4469 3612 5471
 2321 8564 7851
 4770 0008 4266
 4898 8606 4904                 
REMEMBER GUYS, TO GO ONLINE AFTER YOU'VE CHANGED YOUR FRIENDS LIST! Just click "Warehouse." That'll take you online so that your friend code changes are essentially "uploaded" on your end. 
This game is a lot of fun.  And I think it would be even better if people from the forum could share their creations with each other.  Feel free to post your friend codes or videos of the games you make.
I'll get it started:
FC: 5242 4375 0627 Name: RickBrack
My games:
Spare Me
Bug Off
Sit Much?
Yoshi Grab
#2 Posted by OllyOxenFree (5010 posts) -

Well here's a microgame I spent the evening doing.  Still not finished though-

#3 Posted by RickshawBracket (12 posts) -
@OllyOxenFree: That's some nice artwork.  I'll try to upload a video of mine if I get around to it.
#4 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7807 posts) -

I will be sure to post it when I get the game.
Great thread though.

#5 Posted by takua108 (1593 posts) -
@OllyOxenFree: Fantastic stuff! 
#6 Posted by demontium (5084 posts) -
@RickshawBracket: ugh, I dont have enough monay. 
need to get monay.
#7 Posted by Jeff (5406 posts) -

Name: GiantBomb 
I'll share up my junk tonight.

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#9 Edited by OllyOxenFree (5010 posts) -

Finished the Persona 4 microgame today.  It's as much as I can do with the limited sprites you can use.  Also finished an "Ear Cleaner" microgame.
Name- Isaac
Might do a "Meat Bowl Challenge" one next time...

#10 Edited by RickshawBracket (12 posts) -

I've added GiantBomb and Isaac, and connected to WFC.  That should be all I need to do on my end.  I've finished my fourth game, a primitive sniping/assassination microgame.  I'll probably ship it over the weekend.  I'll rotate my games frequently, so everyone has a chance to see all of my wonderful creations.
EDIT: I've uploaded videos of my games (superbad quality and all). Disclaimer: The titles are intentionally lame.  Oh, and I made the bowling and swatting games before I knew they were already in the game ;)
Spare Me
Bug Off
Sit Much?

#11 Edited by Locky (37 posts) -

I tried making a Final Fantasy VI themed game. Used the absolute basic programming available so I think I'll rework it as I learn the finer techniques. I also need to figure out how to get some real FF music on there. Hope you like it.

#12 Posted by RickshawBracket (12 posts) -
@Locky: I liked it.  Definitely something I'll throw into the mix.  Did you draw the blonde-haired guy (Sabin)?  Because he is really well done.
#13 Edited by Apathylad (3234 posts) -

I'm thinking about picking up the game tomorrow. Not sure whether I'll be good at any of the building stuff, but I'll give it a shot.

#14 Posted by Locky (37 posts) -
@RickshawBracket: Thank you, I did a pixel by pixel redraw based off a sprite sheet I found online. The colors may be slightly off, since I couldn't find the exact match. I'm still rather proud of him and once I figure out a bit more, I'll probably do one for the rest of the cast as well.
#15 Posted by Leoplureodon (94 posts) -

Name: Leo 
2 Heavy Rain games made ^_^

#16 Posted by takua108 (1593 posts) -

4168 6984 9400 
I'll share up my stuff as soon as I finish it a little bit more.

#17 Posted by OllyOxenFree (5010 posts) -

Added everybody in this thread.

#18 Posted by Apathylad (3234 posts) -

Just got the game today. Haven't made anything yet though. I hope this community takes off.
Name: Apathylad
Code: 1119 2719 7063

#19 Posted by RickshawBracket (12 posts) -
@Apathylad: So do I.  I've added everyone so far.  I am going to swap out my shipped games sometime tomorrow just as a heads up to whoever cares.
#20 Edited by ZookieWookie (40 posts) -

Name: Mark

Code: 3868 0515 2099

Just got the game so might be a bit until i make some stuff, like a week, but will get around to it. Adding everyone above me and hopefully will get to anyone who posts after me quickly.

Edit: May wanna make a list of everyones codes and names at a list on the top?

#21 Edited by takua108 (1593 posts) -

Now shipping Tiny Bomb v1! I might put up some of my other stuff tonight if I finish it. 
EDIT: And I added everyone in this thread.

#22 Edited by RickshawBracket (12 posts) -
@ZookieWookie: I was thinking that.  I saw in the Pokemon forum that they have a table of everyone's friend codes.  I'm new to the site, so how would I go about doing that?
EDIT: I figured it out.
EDIT2: AssassinHate and Spare Me have now shipped!  Let me know what you guys think.  Feedback is encouraged.
#23 Posted by RickshawBracket (12 posts) -

I created another game involving Yoshi called Yoshi Grab.  You tap the falling melon while it is across from Yoshi, and he grabs it with his tongue.
Yoshi Grab

#24 Posted by Meowayne (6168 posts) -

This game is killing me... I am working on a microgame at the moment which must've cost me 5-6 hours by now. 
The programming language allows for basically anything. It is working within the object, AI and graphics limitations (15 objects with 5 different AI and not more than 265 units of graphics/animation) where things get ugly.

#25 Posted by takua108 (1593 posts) -

Now shipping WhirlWorld! 
Also, I'm working on writing a tutorial on how to use randomization in your microgames. In the example game, there's two buttons (red and blue) and a screen. The screen turns either red or blue, randomly, and you have to press the correct button. It took some reasoning to get it to work, but it works great and I'll have the tutorial ready soon. 
Also, I played all of the microgames of everyone who added me! They're all great! :D

#26 Posted by Meowayne (6168 posts) -

My FC is 1291 0632 8760, DIY name is Florian.
I added all of you, and I shipped my FF VII and Tetris games.

#27 Posted by takua108 (1593 posts) -
@Meowayne: You need to get online or something so I can play Tetris! :D
#28 Posted by Meowayne (6168 posts) -

I need to be online so you can access my games? I don't think so. And if I do, Nintendo can go fuck themselves for shipping a game based around user-created content with the most retarded way of experiencing user created content ever conveived.

#29 Posted by Apathylad (3234 posts) -
I think it works something like that you have to go online once you have registered friends so that they can access your games. So, you don't have to be online at the same time, but both DS's need to confirm that they are registered over Wi-Fi, since you can register friends offline.
#30 Posted by ImperiousRix (3095 posts) -

Name: Ricardo 
Brand Name: StudioRiX 
Friend Code: 1634 6704 8795 
Right now, I've got a Gandalf vs. Balrog game called "Khazad Dum" and a wrestling game called "Machomania!" up. 
Check 'em out!

#31 Posted by foolman (89 posts) -

Name: Dr.Gluon

Code: 0131 4301 9886

I've been working on pirate themed games.

I have 2 of them online now.

Can you only upload 2 games at a time?

#32 Posted by takua108 (1593 posts) -
@foolman: Yes... two games, two records, and two comics. I really wish it was just six slots of whatever you want, because who is using this to make songs and comics? :P
#33 Posted by Apathylad (3234 posts) -
Added both of you. I believe you have to connect online with everyone's Friend Codes before we can access your games, or our games. Speaking of which, has anyone downloaded Jeff Gerstmann's games? He posted early on but haven't heard from that since.
#34 Posted by takua108 (1593 posts) -

Yeah, the way that this horribly broken online system works is: 

  1. Player A goes on Internet, finds Player B's friend code, enters it into game
  2. Player A tells player B to enter Player A's friend code into game. He does
  3. Player A and B both have to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi (any menu option that has the symbol next to it; the "edit friends" or whatever button does not connect to wi-fi) at some point
  4. Now they can share games and stuff.
#35 Posted by Meowayne (6168 posts) -

Do I need to just connect once more, or do I need to connect at the same time as player B? 
I am not online often with the DS, as
A) it has a limited WiFi range ever since I changed the casing
B) I have to change the security settings on my router
But I'll try to get online sometime today.
I would like for someone to have a look over my Tetris code and see where things could be smoothened out. It's a little jerky and clustered, and I have the feeling that the code can be heavily optimized, maybe even making room for a proper line disappearing animation.

#36 Posted by Meowayne (6168 posts) -

I got it now (after several "communication error"s. Awesome, Nintendo!).
Your games are very cool. I especially liked the Ryan shooting a helicopter one.

#37 Edited by RickshawBracket (12 posts) -

I posted an updated version of AssassinHate, where the scope now needs to overlap the person to shoot him.   Before you could guess where he was, and it would work.
Also, updated the OP.

#38 Posted by ImperiousRix (3095 posts) -
@Apathylad said:
" @ImperiousRix:@foolman:   Added both of you. I believe you have to connect online with everyone's Friend Codes before we can access your games, or our games. Speaking of which, has anyone downloaded Jeff Gerstmann's games? He posted early on but haven't heard from that since. "
Cool, I'll add you, too so we can actually get to downloading some games. 
I added Jeff, but seeing as this system is pretty... blegh, I haven't been able to download any of his games.
#39 Posted by foolman (89 posts) -

I've added everyone on the list to my system.

@ Apathylad

Love your giantbomb games! Great art!

#40 Posted by RickshawBracket (12 posts) -

Yoshi Grab and a new game RunawayTrain have now shipped!  In RunawayTrain, there is a train racing towards a girl tied to the tracks.  It's up to you to pull the lever, stop the train, and save the girl.

#41 Posted by takua108 (1593 posts) -
@ImperiousRix: Yeah, so if Jeff wanted us to play his games, he'd have to put WarioWare DIY into his DS, start it up, go to the Distribution Center, add Friend Codes for everyone in this thread, then, assuming everyone in this thread added him, and has gone online since then, he'd have to go online. Then he could turn off his DS, and then we could play his games. That might be a bit too much work just so we could play Galactic Punt :D 
However, if somebody got it, they could always share it up themselves, and it could spread that way, but still, this online system sucks massively :(
#42 Posted by LordKorax (233 posts) -

Right now I don't have much beyond the tutorial/job center games, but once I get a handle on the scripting and maybe think of some ideas, there might be more.
Name: Korax
FC: 1119 2729 2880

#43 Posted by ImperiousRix (3095 posts) -
Gosh, that really IS horrible.  In that case, I'm just gonna add everybody's name on here just to be safe.
#44 Posted by thepapashaw (3 posts) -

I just Bought this game on Ebay. I cant wait to play it. 

#45 Posted by HailtotheKing (2 posts) -

 Add me everyone, i added all of you already.

Name: King
Code: 3395-6033-7944

#46 Posted by takua108 (1593 posts) -
@leoplureodon: Your Rageguy mutation-of-a-comic made me lol :D
#47 Edited by rjayb89 (7807 posts) -

Yes, jiggabear is a-go. 
1677 6243 0404

#48 Posted by ImperiousRix (3095 posts) -

Damn, guys.  That's some good work, duders. 
Locky, your Final Fantasy game is pretty sick.  Takua, your GB games are equally sick. 
Props too to Dr.Gluon's pirate games and Isaac's Persona Punt game. 
Keep 'em coming guys.

#49 Posted by foolman (89 posts) -

Hehe Thanks ImperiousRix! Your LOTR game made me laugh! 

ps its on blueray tomorrow!


I added you :D

I just put up a new pirate game! Which means also I had to sadly  take one down :(  I wish we could have more then 2 games online at once!

#50 Posted by takua108 (1593 posts) -

Pretty much every game I've played is awesome and/or funny in one way or another. I have 35 games altogether now, and I can't be arsed to list all of them, but I have to say, it's pretty cool to check in every day and see what new stuff the people on my friends list have uploaded! And now everyone's gone online so I can now check out the stuff all of my registered friends have made, except Jeff, who really ought to get online at some point :\
But now I've filled 2/5 shelves with microgames, and I'm left really wishing that they just gave you one big shelf space to put microgames, comics, and records all in together, because I'm never going to have a few of each of the latter few. :(

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