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#51 Posted by ImperiousRix (2963 posts) -
Yeah, I've been DLing everybody's games and some from the Ninsoft store, and find that I may soon run out of space.  I'm never gonna DL any comics or records, though, so I wish that I could use those shelves for games.
#52 Posted by Leoplureodon (89 posts) -

Right, about time for me to make a proper game ^_^. 
Check my comics space till then.

#53 Posted by OllyOxenFree (4985 posts) -

Finally finished my "Meat Bowl Challenge" microgame.  Was tricky to program but I got it working.  I could have added more animations but I was limited.  I would have added some characters like Yosuke, Teddie, Chie etc. pop out of the sides of the screens if you win.  If you lose then the background would change to the Meat Dimension.

Also added in another microgame that I entered into the Theme Contest for the hell of it.  A man cannot stop his bike so you have to tap him at the goal to win.  If you are too late then he will run over a woman causing the sun to shed a tear.  Yeah...
#54 Posted by SmokestormX (29 posts) -

Ok i'm gonna spend some time adding your codes to my game. I'm looking for some creative peeps to share with , I've got 2 games up ready to go atm.
FC:  0689 7793 4983

#55 Posted by ZookieWookie (39 posts) -

sigh been so busy with school haven't been able to touch this game like at all, hopefully can get some stuff done this weekend.

#56 Posted by chesypoof (1 posts) -

I'd love in to the group to get as many games possible and once I actually start making some of my own hehe heres my friend code 
4941-7995-3486 name is Josh

#57 Edited by OllyOxenFree (4985 posts) -

My next project-

Lack of custom colors makes me a sad panda.
#58 Posted by foolman (82 posts) -
Wow! looks awesome so far! 
Can't wait to play the final game!
#59 Posted by ImperiousRix (2963 posts) -
@OllyOxenFree said:
"My next project-
Lack of custom colors makes me a sad panda. "

Holy fuckin' SHIT! 
Can't wait for this.  Anyway, been DLing most everybody's games.  Great job, guys.  I just made a kinda eh Star Fox game using some borrowed assets from the 9 Volt game which I'll probably be putting up soon. 
Just wondering wheter I should take down my Gandalf game or my Macho Man game.  Anybody got any thoughts?
#60 Posted by thepapashaw (2 posts) -


my friend code is 1419 9304 2810 
warioware name is matt


#61 Posted by hmecey (15 posts) -

Friend Code: 2966 0978 8627
Name: Harrison
Added every till my post

#62 Posted by havelava (175 posts) -

Friend Code:  1677 6321 9736
Name:  Miles
Added all before me

#63 Posted by Starstew (12 posts) -
WWDIY Name: Starstew  WWDIY Friend code:  3610 3578 7817
#64 Posted by ZookieWookie (39 posts) -

Ima try to work on a music thing i think, tho i gotta think of a sweet idea.

#65 Posted by ImperiousRix (2963 posts) -

Alright, just updated with all the new friend codes. 
Remember, in order for the games to be exchanged, you must... 
1.) Add somebody's friend code and have them add your's. 
2.)Have both parties go online following the adding of the friend codes. 
3.) ??? 
4.) Profit! 
Looking forward to more games, and hopefully will be struck with inspiration soon and put another new game up.

#66 Posted by foolman (82 posts) -

Ok, I've updated my list and added everyone. 
look forward to seeing everyone work.

#67 Posted by ila (2 posts) -
#68 Posted by takua108 (1483 posts) -

Added everyone! Get online and share stuff, I want to see it :D

#69 Posted by Apathylad (3067 posts) -

I added everyone, I believe. Some of the more recent ones still have a question mark next to their names, though.

#70 Posted by takua108 (1483 posts) -

This really should be added to the OP: REMEMBER GUYS, TO GO ONLINE AFTER YOU'VE CHANGED YOUR FRIENDS LIST! Just click "Warehouse." That'll take you online so that your friend code changes are essentially "uploaded" on your end.

#71 Posted by ila (2 posts) -

I uploaded my Persona battle game. Graphics are currently locked, only because of how ugly they are. If I ever improve I'll start shipping stuff unlocked.

#72 Posted by Emilio (3380 posts) -

Hello folks, I would like to make friends ( or enemies!) 
FC: 4770 - 0008 - 4266 
Name: Emilio 
I'll start adding everyone up here. So far I only have a Popeye parody game in my warehouse.

#73 Posted by JTHomeslice (244 posts) -

Name: JT
Code: 4898 8606 4904
I'm adding everyone on the list so add me back or something.

#74 Posted by RickshawBracket (10 posts) -

I've added everyone to my list.

#75 Posted by OllyOxenFree (4985 posts) -

Finally finished my SF 3rd Strike minigame after a long break.  I wanted to do a lot more but with the limitation of frames per object and points overall I did as much as I could do.  I was kinda getting tired of drawing sprites.  So many pixels on my mind now...
Anyways, you guys can grab it now.  I'll update my friends list as well.

#76 Posted by Tiz (61 posts) -

A bit late on the game with the European version, but here goes:
Name: Tiz
Code: 1677 6657 4017

#77 Posted by Knucklesthegreat (69 posts) -

Name:Gogeta K.

FC: 3309 7017 2726

I like Mircogames that are based off of retro video games made in the 90s. and etc.

But right now, i have a question: can people request Mircogames? i'm just curious... :S

#78 Posted by bartard (2 posts) -

hey i've made 3 micro games so far one has godzilla in it, one has a zombie and one is a retro shooter: 
Name: Rory
FC: 3610 4140 5806
now i'm going to add every one eles :)

#79 Posted by Meowayne (6084 posts) -

OllyOxen: Thats awesome sprite work. Good job.

#80 Posted by Knucklesthegreat (69 posts) -

ok. i got all of you. 
(man my hands HURT.) 
Now if you guys can come online. That would be AWESOME. 
til then, later- 
#81 Posted by JTHomeslice (244 posts) -

I just made a Deadly Premonition themed game. I'm gonna make a video before putting it up to get you alls input.

#82 Posted by PatrickD (1 posts) -

If anyone's still looking for games to download, I made a whole pack of games (and a few comics) in relation to the site I manage. 
You can view the videos here: 
And there's a distribution page for all the individual games and such.  
So, should anyone comes across this and is interested, just let me know (seeing as I can't seem to do email notifications should that day ever come to pass, just send me an email at patkdeb[@]gmail and I can get back to you from there).
#83 Posted by LordAndrew (14430 posts) -

I don't know if anyone's still playing this, but my friend code is 0303-8784-9058.

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