Programming: I need help please.

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Hi!  Sorry if this is the wrong place to post/ask this.  I'm trying to make a game where you would see 3 objects come up and have 4 selections to choose from. i guess kinda like a slot game. but the way i want it is that if you get it wrong 3 times you lose.  there are 3 'slots' and each 'slot' has 2 possible items so that would mean 2^2^2= 8 combos in total/# of possible games 
i have the 4 keys to turn on then turn off after a few secs so u can press again i've tried a couple different approaches towards making it so that when you choose wrong, an obeject will change until the 3 tries are up.  can anyone tell me if it's even possible using the WWDIY system? i can elaborate if u want about what i have tried.  thanks in advance 8)

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1. What platform will this game run on?
2. What programming language will you use?
3. What have you done so far?

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Not really following the problem, I'm afraid.
Almost sounds simple enough to just do a count variable.

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oh i'm sorry. Im making a microgame for wariowar DIY. Sorry for my nubness, as i'm kinda new to programming and have no school on the subject.  what i have tried is to have two extra 'fail' objects per 'slot' that activate when the wrong key is pressed, and an additional 'wrong' switch to turn on when one of the 6 'fail' switches are activated. the reason i have 2 per 'slot' is that i need to not have the additional switch to activate if i hit the correct key.  the only way i can set up an object to do an action as a result of another object's state would be it the object relied upon has it's switch on/off.  each object you get to prg up to 5 AI, which are pretty much what I have read to be IF/THEN statements.  for each of the 3 'slots' one AI is used to determine randomly to be one of 2 sprites,as well as turning on the switch if sprite 'a' is chosen randomly. i use 2 of those AI to change to a 3rd 'correct' sprite, based on a correct key hit and 1 of 2 sprite states.  each individual AI within an object can have up to 6 'triggers' and 6 'actions'  what i have tried to do is set each of the 2 'fail' objects to turn on and then turn off after a brief moment when a wrong key is pressed, but i have each of the 2 set for a different sprite, as hitting the correct key for sprite 'A' would be the wrong key for sprite 'a'.  the game allows up to 15 objects in all and where it starts to show this method may not work is when i move over to the second 'slot'.  for the 'correct' condition on each slot, i need 2 AI (1 per sprite) and within each AI, I need to set a trigger that wont activate when the previous 'slot' is not 'correct' my other approach was to then instead have the 'slot' switch turn on when it is 'correct', but then the 'fail' objects cannot tell if the 'slot' is 'A' or 'a'.  I'm not sure if you would be familiar with this game. I actually tried to post in that part of the site, but for some reason it posted in general discussion. You guys seem to know more than I do about programming, and I thank you for any suggestions.  8) 
edit- oh I almost forgot to mention the 15th object.  I want to have the 'wrong' switch turn on and then off to tell the object 'remain' to change to the next sprite until the game is lost with the 4th sprite -giving players 3 chances- 

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Four pieces of art for each item. Two switches determined by time. There you go.

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@MysteriousBob: i dont understand. do you mean i should reduce the number of 'slot' objects i have and add 2 switches for that? or are you talking about the 'wrong' switch? or are you talking about the total number of keys?  or is it possible you mean to use less triggers in AIs? as far as setting something to turn on then off, i understand that part.  I set the 1st key to turn its swtich on when tapped. and change to a second identical art w/ 4 frames. i set the 2nd AI to turn switch off when art finishes playing and np there.  i'm not sure how to diagram the game but i can try. i can mebbe load it up if anyone is interested in seeing my dilemma.  My mainb concern is if i'm able to have enough space to do what i want:   3 'slots' each has a 50% chance of one sprite or another. each sprite corresponds to one of 4 'keys' which, when tapped play a sound and turns on then off. i want to set each 'slot' to vanish when correct, but i have an object which keeps tally of # wrong answers. so each time a wrong answer is inputted, the tally loses one, until after 3 wrong answers, the game is lost.  
sorry i'm such a bother, but this is frustrating that i've put so much effort into this to have it break down at the end. thx in advance 8)

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