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Grab Your Form Baton. It's Time to Pick Your Nose Again. 0

Wario is one strange dude.  While he's not trying to piledrive Mario or competing in sporting events, he spends his time in lovely Diamond City with a slew of crazy neighbors.  If you haven't played a Wario Ware game before, you are totally missing out on one of the most unique gaming experiences of the past five years.  Dubbed as "microgames," Wario Ware throws you into a rapid succession of 5-second scenarios that will test your reflexes and puzzle solving abilities.  After the original, each...

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Fun in multiplayer, but not all it is hyped up to be. 0

WarioWare has been around since 2003 with the release of Mega Microgame$ for the Gameboy Advance. What has WarioWare done to refresh the format of the game then? Not much - the main difference here really is the use of the remote.The object of the game is to basically work your way through a bunch of wacky mini-games using the remote in various different ways: just pointing it at the screen, holding it by your side, holding it above your head... you get the idea. You then perform these poses and...

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The best minigame collection on the Wii. 0

THE GOOD: Inventive and fun use of the Wii remote; Funny and replayable levels with fast pacing and random micro-games; The game looks fantastic, with crazy and diverse visual styles and colorful and charming cartoon animations; The music matches the pacing of the game very well; Clever use of the wiimote speaker and rumble for certain sounds and actions; More than 200 micro-games with great variety; Both, the cartoon animations and the micro-games, have a good humor, making you smile whil...

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WarioWare: Smooth Moves Review 0

When I first got the Wii I wasn't sure which game I wanted to pick up first. I wanted to dive right into Zelda and Metroid but I also wanted something I could play with my girlfriend. I decided the first game I would buy would be Wario Ware: Smooth Moves.The game is a collection of mini games all requiring you to use the Wii remote in a unique way. Each time a new "position" is necessary, a creepy voiced man will tell you in a low, romantic, tone how to hold the remote. The names and demonstrati...

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You'll feel weird playing this by yourself. 0

Warioware: Smooth Moves is one of the only games that you can finish playing and say “what in the world just happened?”, yet simultaneously feel completely satisfied in the experience. Strong Points: Game play is frantic, well-varied, and absolutely satisfying with the Wii Remote. The visual style and sound alone are enough to make you laugh. Acceptable and replay values. A game that can keep you coming back time after time and can still keep you guessing. Fall-backs: Single player story mode ...

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funny and innovative microgames make this game an instant hit 0

When i first got this game, I was a little skeptical if this game could hold its grounds. I mean, all it is is a bunch of miny games, that only take about on average 5 seconds to complete. However, once I finally began playing this game, i knew i would be hooked for a long time. The controls for this game are excellent, and each style in which you hold the controller is unique and makes the game that much more innovative. While does take a little getting used to, you'll eventually be able comple...

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Smooth Moves couldn’t have come at a better time. 0

I often wonder how the WarioWare series ever came to be, a collaboration of the most insane mini-games you could ever wish to play all bundled into one package. I can just imagine now, a room full of crazy Japanese game designers blurting out bizarre ideas such as poking over-sized nostrils with over-sized fingers or shaking the bugs off of an ape’s banana for pleasure. However WarioWare came to be there’s no doubting it’s a winning formula, there’s just something about the random insanity that ...

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A great showcase for the Wii's controller 0

When I first heared about the Wii back at E3 2006, the first game I saw on offer was Warioware Smooth moves, and I instantly wanted to try it out. It looked just as crazy as the other games in the series, and seemed to make interesting use of the Wii Remoe. Let me promise you, this game does not disapoint. The point of Warioware games is simple: complete a series of very short 'microgames' that gradually get faster and faster, until you quite literally have just over 2 seconds to complete each ...

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The Game.....That Made You Experiance the Wii! 1

"Wario Ware-Smooth Moves made you understand the Wii. It starts out with Wario. As Always Wario's eating. something FATNING and DELIOUS until a weird thing came and took the Yummy food and ran off.It ran off to a cave.Not JUST a cavebut a temple.... The temple of form.So.. Wario gets his food back and find the Form Baton (A Wii Remote.)So you use theForm Baton to play Micro games.But You Use Forms.There are mini videos that Demostarte the forms.By each charecter you unlock the microgames and mi...

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Is too little of a bad thing, a great thing? 0

Let's be honest. The Nintendo Wii has had a pretty bad lineup of games post launch. What really is there? Zelda, Trauma Center, Madden and I though WarioWare.Whoops. I thought wrong.I could easily do a review on how poorly GameSpot reviewed this game. They gave this game a higher rating then Zelda. In case you missed that, I'll say it again. They gave this game a higher rating then Zelda!!!I booted up the game and was met by a great opening screen. The presentation is great. When I got to the in...

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WarioWare: Smooth Moves (Wii) Review 0

WarioWare: Smooth Moves is a game that was released a few months after the Wii’s launch. It’s somewhat of a follow-up to WarioWare: Touched on the DS. It’s a collection of mini games that make use of the Wii’s motion sensing capabilities. In the singleplayer mode you have to help the various characters through their problems by completing a series of mini games, with a “boss stage” mini game at the end of the level. When you first pick the level, represented on the map with the characters face ...

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Wario Ware: Smooth Moves Review (Wii) 6

This game is extremely short. While it lasts it's no fun and is just a frustrating mess. I have been a huge fan of this series from the beginning. A very unique series that seems to get better and more interesting as it progresses. The GBA game was alright. It was the first of its kind so the developers had not worked out all the kinks to this weird but interesting style of gameplay. The Gamecube version came along at it was pretty much the same thing. The game was ok but had big potential. Then...

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A garden of delights. Strawberries to be exact. 0

Ware for art, thou Wario? If you find any appeal in microgames, you will not be disappointed with Nintendo's latest offering. Moving past the Gamecube controls and DS stylus certainly took a leap of inspiration, and the over 150 members of the WarioWare development team have embraced the Wii with gusto. The variety of Wii-motions showcased in Smooth Moves will likely become a template for other developers. The diversity of styles among the microgames can be jarring, but never tiresome. The tech...

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Wario is better served Twisted than Smooth 0

Wario has always been the redheaded stepchild of the Nintendo franchises. He had a try at being a plat-forming icon, much like his mortal enemy Mario but that didn't turn out so well. On the handheld however, Wario has struck a new chord with his crazy collection of extremely short mini-games, known as “micro-games”. The WarioWare series has done quite well for it's self on the Game boy Advance, with both Mega Micro games Inc. and Twisted selling like hotcakes. Touched was a bit of a let down de...

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