WarioWare : Snapped....in half.

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Being all pumped up for the DSi tomorrow morning I decided to see some early reviews of WarioWare : Snapped so I can figure out to either spend my Nintendo points now or later. I read the review up at NintendoLife and they gave it a pretty low score ( 4 / 10 ). GameSpot also gave it the same thing 4 / 10. It seems it's more technically faulted due to it's inability to properly recognize you against your surroundings. Of course this would mean if you couldn't get it register your sillouette you can't play the game at all. Also, the issue about no High Scores for the mini-games you play kills any sort of replayability for me and sadly I don't think this will be a purchase.

NintendoLife Review

What are your thoughts?

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From everything I've read, there isn't many microgames to it, either. And though it exposes me to all those guys that say "reviews are worthless," these have really bummed me out. Guess I'll be saving my free 1000 points.

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It works fine with me, provided major lulz, and for 5 bucks it was a great buy.

It didn't really cost 5 dollars because they give us 1000 points which is worth 10 dollars.

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