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Warp my frustrations away, please. 2

I was drawn to Warp by it's puzzle mentality and cute, murderous protagonist. This is Trapdoor’s first game released, so I honestly didn’t have any expectations as far as quality goes. Warp is a game that is parts puzzle and stealth and really gives you many options to advance through the underwater research facility. I feel like it’s a solid game, but it’s not all double rainbows and waving bears, though. There are a few things that put down my appreciation of what could have been an excellent ...

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A cute alien, that makes people explode! 0

Warp ReviewPros+ Adorably murderous protagonist+ Interesting and exciting gameplay+ Many possible play styles+ 'Bloody' and extremely satisfyingCons- Feels like the first game from the studio- Would benefit from greater scope- Overly sensitive and jerky controlsWarp, the first game from Trapdoor Inc and EA Partners, comes to Xbox Live Arcade as part of House Party. In many ways, Warp is a brilliantly bloody and cathartic start to the month-long collection. It oozes fun; from your character, with...

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Largely overlooked yet very unique puzzle platformer 0

With an increasing number of puzzle games making their way to the forefront of gaming it's easy for fatigue to set in. After having experienced titles like Portal or Braid you might think that nothing will awe you in terms of puzzles anymore. Warp manages to be just unique and approachable enough to show you theres plenty more room left for surprises.Coming out as part of the Block Party lineup, Warp is priced modestly at 800 microsoft points. Sharing the stage with the more well known Alan Wake...

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Fragging Good Time! 0

Highly Recommended!!I had been watching for this game on Facebook for a little while and was so excited to see that it had finally arrived! I immediately went to download it from the XBOX Live Arcade and started playing.First impressionsIt is not as easy as you might think. The challenges take A LOT of concentration, memory and hand-eye coordination.It is horribly addictive. You WANT to keep playing, even though you know it can't last forever.Has a nice "Portal" feel to it. You "wake up", escape...

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Warp Review By: Andrew Bohnenberger 0

Warp ReviewBy: Andrew BohnenbergerWarp is a action puzzle stealth game developed by Trapdoor and published by EA Partners. The game was released for XBLA, PSN, and PC via Origin. Warp's main mechanic is the ability to teleport short distances you solve puzzles, sneak around guards, and traverse the environment. Does this game have what it takes to stand out in the crowded indie puzzle genre?StoryThe story of Warp revolves around an Alien named Zero who is held captive in a military grade secure ...

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Warp - XBLA Review 0

Some of my favourite games of recent years have been downloadable titles, from Super Meat Boy to Limbo to Castle Crashers, they (more often than not) offer something different than the usual first-person shooter or third-person action game, tending to push the envelope and do something that little bit more risky and unconventional. As such, I'm sure you can imagine that I always look forward to promotions like Microsoft's XBLA House Party (a selection of 4 eagerly anticipated downloadable titles...

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A solid game that has plenty of room to improve 0

The easiest way to explain Warp is the cartoony lovechild of Metal Gear Solid (1) and Portal. Warp combines the puzzle elements of Portal (but, replace Portals with Warping) and the top-down stealth gameplay of Metal Gear Solid. It’s an interesting mix that works well, to a certain point.In Warp, you control a small, gelatinous alien named ‘Zero’, who has been captured by a group of scientists and has been dumped in an underwater laboratory. His mission is to escape the laboratory that he has be...

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WARP Review 0

WARP is an XBLA title in which you play an alien named Zero. You've been captured by humans and they are trying to run tests on you, another a number of other aliens. You have to not only escape but find what you've lost, and rescue another alien that seems to be able to talk directly in your mind. The humans won't make it easy though as they will try to gun you down on sight. If they can't control you they will destroy you.Graphically you can see that the Unreal engine is used rather nicely. Yo...

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