Warren Spector doesn't make games with morality systems

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I write for a paper here in Texas (The Dallas Morning News), so I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Epic Mickey 2 preview event you guys might have read about already. While there, I had the immense honor of sitting in on an interview with Warren Spector. I think the most interesting part of the interview was the fact that Spector doesn't make games with "morality systems," and he finds attempts to do so childish.

You can read his comments here. Any thoughts? He may not actually be saying anything too original, but I found it really interesting coming from the man who what made Deus Ex.

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I support making games with interactive choices that reflect either you or the character's personality, morality and ethics. I hate when they try to RPGize it by putting numbers to it. Visible numbers especially. I also hate when they apply the numbers directly to you, instead of applying it to others in relation to you. The opinions of greater society determine whether you're acting good, evil, idealistic, ruthless.

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Yeah it's not entirely original what he's saying but I agree with his "choice and consequences" design philosophy since it presents the game world as an organic entity rather then a hard number found on an actual scale like Fable or Mass Effect. It just feels too mechanical when they present it like that. I like my choices to make me feel like I've made the right choice rather then say "You get 5+ Good Points!". Makes things feel a little bit grey you know? I haven't played the Witcher series but I hear it handles that stuff very well.

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