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Warren Williams is a young African-American male with a bald head, a small beard and a small ear piercing. Warren wears a large amount of jewelery and is always shown in a suit and tie in the Vice Kings gang colors of yellow and black. Warren is a very self-confident person and seems unafraid of speaking his mind whatever the situation. He often emphasizes what he says with exaggerated hand gestures and body language. Despite working for Benjamin King he seems to have little respect for the gang leader.


Problems for Warren are caused from early on in the Vice Kings storyline by the protagonist and the 3rd Street Saints blowing up the Kingdom Come Records studios and directly attacking the Vice Kings. Warren expresses strongly to Benjamin King that he believes that the Vice Kings should make more violent retaliations in the face of the 3rd Street Saints attacks and seize control of the Los Carnales drug trafficking business. Tanya Winters, partner of Tony Green also manages to manipulate Williams and keep him under her control by having an affair with him.
King's reluctance to take on a more reckless approach to gang leadership results in Warren leading an overthrowing of Benjamin King as gang leader. After the protagonist rescues King, Warren pursues them, sending a wave of Vice Kings after them. After the protagonist and King stop the Vice Kings, Warren attempts to escape but their gunfire causes his car to explode. Warren crawls from the burning wreckage of his car but Tanya kills him with a bullet to his head, claiming leadership of the Vice Kings for herself. 


  • Warren is voiced by Ogie Banks.
  • The car Warren drives is a Rattler.

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