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Warrior Kings Battles is the sequel to the Real Time Strategy game Warrior Kings. The game is set in the Lands of Orbis,
The Lands of Orbis
 a land that has been plunged into chaos and war rages across the land like the fires of hell. Anarchy has spread like a plague across the seas to the Empires of the South and East. The Empires, Nations and Kingdoms of Orbis have collapsed in on themselves, breaking down into Baronies, Provinces and City States. Each man's hand is set against his brothers' in terrible bloody battles for survival and supremacy.

You are the ruler of a small province, the last remnant of a once mighty nation. To survive, you will have to conquer or die!


The campaign in Warrior Kings Battles consists of a turn-based map, Orbis, were you start off in Angland as the first province you are required to conquer. You will start with a Manor, a few buildings, units and peasants.

Each province will have a number of Generals assigned to it – every time you start a new campaign the Generals allocated to each province will vary. Facing you in the first province, Angland will be two enemy Generals. Initially, you will be limited by what you can build and research, as you control no provinces. However, each time you successfully conquer a province, you will receive a bonus. The bonuses range from an increase to your Population Limit, starting resources, or the opening up of new section of the tech tree. However the better the bonus, the tougher or more numerous the
generals defending the Province. To conquer a province you will need to defeat all opposing Generals in that province.

To win the game you must conquer the province Liguriensis. Ligurensis is the dwelling of the Duke Ignis Hagens who has usurped the throne of the Empire causing it to collapse into anarchy. You must therefore reunite the Empire by destroying Duke Ignis Hagens. You will have to gain the support of many provinces before you have sufficient resources to face the enemy onslaught that you will find waiting for you!

The Campaign can offer around 40 hours, however this is a maximum estimate and players experience will vary according to skill level.


Assault on a City
Warrior Kings Battles also comes with a skirmish mode, which is broken down into two categories.

Standard Mode

– You can play against 1 to 7 Generals in standard mode. You will start with a few peasants and a Manor. Victory is achieved by destroying your opponents Manor. You can configure various aspects of the game in the settings menu before the game skirmish starts, such as starting resource levels, Map resources and Barbarians.

Valhalla Mode

– This mode allows you to play shorter skirmish games against AI Generals. In Valhalla mode, you spend points on creating a pre-built army. There is no economy, no peasants, no research and no upgrades, It’s carnage, carnage, carnage!

Valhalla Mode
Each player is given a number of points, decided before the game starts. You then spend these on numbers and types of troops according to you choice. When the game starts your forces will be waiting at your starting Manor, ready for you to take command of them. Note that in Valhalla mode buildings cannot be attacked, nor can they be constructed.

In Valhalla mode, flags are placed semi-randomly on the battlefield. Control of these flags generates points over time. The longer you control the flags the more points you will earn. Not only that, when your units are killed in battle, after a time they will respawn at your Manor as replacements. However, your units have a limited number of respawn lives that you can configure at the start of the game.

The first player to earn the designated number of victory points wins the game. You can also win by destroying all your opponents’ armies.

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