Could this game increase?

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I'm was so interesting since WO Z,i'm was hear that WO Z using DW6 chracters with them weapons (with fixing clone on attacks).But i'm was wrong, Koei still using DW5 weapons on DW6 characters costume 0_o. Koei was so lazy, huh? And then MO2 (WO 3) 's announcement on Youtube,do u guys think this game will go to similar mistake like WO Z ?

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Oh, is this another Dynasty Warrriors-like game?

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I don't think this game is going to be released in America.

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i'm hope that this game have English version, i don't want it just like DW : StrikeForce 2 will never released in other religion T.T

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@Landon: Oh, stuff it.

@mikebonbon: From what footage I've seen, the Dynasty Warriors characters are being represented in their Dynasty Warriors 7 forms. I imagine that the reason that the DW characters in Warriors Orochi Z did not use their Dynasty Warriors 6 weapon styles was because DW6 uses a completely different combat system from the rest of the Dynasty Warriors series. Further, the DW6 renbu combat system was widely disliked; that's why they returned to the charge system for DW7.

As for whether or not Warriors Orochi 3 will see release in North America, I'm going to guess yes, but that's really up to Tecmo Koei, seeing as they chose not to release Warriors Orochi Z here.

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