Am I the only one that feels more comfortable with a controller?

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 I always hear about how Keyboard/mouse is supperior to console controllers, but to be honest I much prefer controllers to anything else. What really trips me up is the whole WASD movement, to me this just feels way I remember the crew talking about how they found Serious Sam almost unplayable with a controller and for me it was almost the oposite, Serious Sam for me excelled on consoles because you need all the range of movement you can get and just having eight directions to move in doesn't cut it for me.
Anyone else feel this way?  Or am I just weird?

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Yeah, it's just you.

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you're not weird, but I do prefer WASD for FPS games, which is why i'd buy all my shooters on PC if i had a high-end rig.  
i do see where you're getting at, but some games just don't feel right on a controller for me. take Half Life 2 for instance. I would of finished it already, but i'm playing it on the PS3 so it feels much less enjoyable. 

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I'm sure plenty of people who have never touched a PC shooter feel more comfortable with console controls.
Aside from that, I like the mouse better than the right control stick, but I like the left side of a controller better than a keyboard (for FPS, that is).

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Last year I played Crysis and I had a lot of difficulty shifting to the WASD because that game demands so many controls and I am primarily a console player so I used a 360 controller it made it much, much easier for me... that said I wouldn't play the Half life episodes/portal any other way than with mouse and keyboard

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I prefer a controller also. Eight direction just feels so limited.
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controller, i need the analogness. Plus I'm just really used to strafing while aiming that way. WASD + Mouse feels off to me. Maybe just because it's been so long.

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yup pretty much.

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I like a controller over anything 
mouse/keyboard/fightstick and all bite me

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 I feel the same way .  

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True enough, the keyboard movement has always been the weak link in the Mouse + Keyboard system.  The mouse more than makes up for it however.

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I feel the same as you. I've tryed to like WASD but I really can't.

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of course you're not the only one
I don't like using the keyboard for anything other than.....typing

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My hands are more comfortable around a controller, physically comfortable.  Digital keyboard inputs aren't a big issue, but you can't deny that a mouse has a far better speed/accuracy ratio when it comes to aiming than any other device.
I didn't try Serious Sam HD with my 360 controller, but that game is very fast paced.  Similar to something like Quake 3 at a high level of play probably wouldn't be much fun with a gamepad.  You can manage it, I used to play Quake 3 online on Dreamcast and win, but obviously if I want to be using the railgun or moving right or rocket jumping I'd pick the mouse.
Playing something like Metal Gear where you want to easily moderate player movement or a racing game are far superior on analog thumbsticks than a keyboard.  Same goes for a platformer like Mario64, when trying to control Mario64DS using the dpad it can be extremely difficult.  As far as it goes keyboard itself doesn't hold many control advantages.

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I'm fine with either. Though I've always been curious as to how a FPS would play if you used a steering wheel or flight sim joystick....

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@Symphony said:
" I'm fine with either. Though I've always been curious as to how a FPS would play if you used a steering wheel or flight sim joystick.... "
Heh when I was a kid I got a Racing Wheel for Christmas one year (for the N64) and actually played Mario 64 with it...
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