Get Wasteland 2, play Wasteland for free!

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So apparently Wasteland 2 will include Wasteland for free. I'm guessing that that means there will be a way to play Wasteland within Wasteland 2, Wasteception? Or does Wasteland come with Wasteland 2? Regardless, this is pretty awesome news.


Also, according to this thread over here, It's pretty easy to get a free copy of wasteland online, I'm assuming legally. So it's not as big a deal, but still rather nice of EA (never thought I'd say that) and inXile Entertainment.

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I think he meant "easy to dig up online" the same way NES games are also "easy to dig up online", i.e. not legally at all. Otherwise he surely would have linked to it.

I'm certainly looking forward to playing the original.

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