720p or 1080p next gen? "We don't know" - Ubisoft

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#51 Posted by warxsnake (2650 posts) -

grotesque incompetence

How many multiplatform open world games have you shipped to qualify that statement? Or games in general...

#52 Posted by LiquidPrince (16165 posts) -

@warxsnake: If I'm not mistaken, you worked and or still currently work for Ubisoft, right? How's life?

#53 Posted by warxsnake (2650 posts) -
#54 Posted by Oldirtybearon (4878 posts) -

I don't know what resolution GTA Five is, but it has a pretty rock solid frame rate with absolutely no dips in the 50+ hours I've put into it.

Honestly, as long as the performance is there I don't give a shit how pretty it is. After Far Cry 3 I'm done with sub-30fps games.

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