PS4 Upgrade

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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone here might have heard something more on how the PS4 upgrade?

I wasn't even considering buying this on current gen platforms, but seeing as how I was planning to get it on the PS4...seems like getting it on the PS3 and then having the PS4 version discounted is what I'll do. Anybody else?

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I'm thinking that the discount isn't going to be significant enough to justify purchasing the game twice, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong.

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I don't think they've announced prices for Watch_Dogs upgrades. Wait until they do, it's not like you won't be able to get a copy last minute if you decide to.

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Don't they all come out on the same day? I thought upgrade options were only for those games that came out for this gen prior to the next gen launch?

I could be wrong, and most likely am. But that just seems to make more sense to me. Granted people not be buying the new consoles to later. But how long do you keep that window open? They lose money on it, so I don't seem them doing for post launch titles. This game comes out after both consoles do the PS4.

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@e30bmw : That is true. I can wait until we know more.

I haven't seen a release date for the PS4 version of Watch Dogs. It's listed as a December 31st release, but I think that's probably a placeholder date.

Funny enough, you're right too Outside_Potty. The PS4 launches on the 15th of November. And Watch Dogs, on current gen systems, is set to release four days later on the 19th. So, I have no idea how that impacts the release of the next-gen version.

It'd be insane for them to release it first on the PS4, and then later on every other system...wouldn't it? Then again, I'm sure that launch game money must be very tempting, but I figure if they release it before Christmas they can still cash in on that ticket.

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