Report: Delayed until Spring 2014

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According to CVG UK, all versions of Watch Dogs have been delayed until Spring 2014. I'll be interested to see some corroborating sources on this, but if true, this seems like a pretty big deal. Of course, if this makes for a better end product it'll be worth it in the long run, but we're so close to the game's release that I don't think many people were expecting this to happen.

In any case, there goes the one launch PS4 game I was particularly excited about. I wonder what sort of impact this might have on the new console launches, if any.

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I had chosen the PS4 bundle with WatchDogs from Amazon because it saves me the most money... hope I get to make another choice.

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It's true. Ubisoft released a statement about it.

I'm in the same boat as you, Cloudy, that was my one PS4 launch game. Not sure what I'll grab now.

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Makes a ton of sense. I always thought it was weird that Ubisoft was releasing their two biggest games in the same month and on same day for the new consoles. It's a bad move if they believe ACIV will be great. I wanted to play both but probably wouldn't have got them both this year anyway.

Also if they're planning on making watch dogs their pillar for the next generation it'll help if the first game isn't broken.

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FUCK....Well i guess Assassins creed IV will be my first purchase of the PS4 now.

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I hate to say I told you so, but....

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Wow, this was my launch day game for my PS4. Now I'm not even sure I want a launch day console. This really sucks.

Wonder what Amazon is going to do for those of us who ordered a Watch Dog launch day bundle?

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Best PS4 launch game: Saving your $400 dollars.

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This is really disappointing. I was really looking forward to it on PS4. Looks like I'll have to switch that pre order to AC4.

Really weird they would delay this so close to launch. Spring 2014 is going to be packed with Titanfall, destiny, and now watch dogs.

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Booh I was actually looking forward to it, but I guess ACIV will suffice. Now I just have to hope it doesn't come out at the same time as inFAMOUS.

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@aviar: I have one and will try to update here when I find out. I expect them to either knock my order to a day one ps4 or offer a separate bundle

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@jayeh said:

Looks like I'll have to switch that pre order to AC4.

@jimmyfenix said:

FUCK....Well i guess Assassins creed IV will be my first purchase of the PS4 now.

That's what they're counting on.

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Pretty disappointed by this, it was my one preorder to go along with my PS4 at launch. I've had to switch to Killzone now.

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This was the only next-gen game I was interested in for either XBox One or PS4 at launch. I need to check to see what downloadable titles are coming out at launch, otherwise I'll just cancel my PS4 pre-order until inFamous:Second Son comes out.

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Well this is certainly disappointing news.

But I guess it makes sense from a business perspective and, more importantly for people who'll play this game, gives developers more time to tinker with it.

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Well, I can't get a PS4 on launch anyway, so this doesn't affect me so much. Sucks for people who were excited to play it on launch though.

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I was buying AC IV at launch anyway. So eh! I might pick this up in March, then.

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@sergio said:

This was the only next-gen game I was interested in for either XBox One or PS4 at launch. I need to check to see what downloadable titles are coming out at launch, otherwise I'll just cancel my PS4 pre-order until inFamous:Second Son comes out.

If you're getting one anyway why cancel it? Almost of of the notable games that are getting released from here on out are going to have PS4 versions which will probably be superior. You're not playing anything else until the spring?

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Considering how much they were scaling back on the technical front for next-gen consoles (30 frames, no guarantee of 1080p) I guess I can't be surprised. Maybe PC reqs won't be as stupid high if they optimize better?

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Their reasoning that they were debating whether to delay the game or not (probably accompanied with some great crunch) makes sense, but I can't help but suspect some Assassin's Creed IV shenanigans along with this.

Not too happy about this news myself. Killzone and Watch Dogs were the two games I was planning to get with my PS4.

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I'm seriously bummed about this. Anytime the idea of waiting on a next gen console came to mind, the words "Watch Dogs" echoed in my mind. There's still a few games I'm anticipating, but this seemed like the premier game for the new consoles.

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This is a super bummer. The fact that the delay happened only a month before it was supposed to release is made worse by the fact that it was a launch title in a sea of mediocrity.

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I'm fine with playing Forza 5, Killer Instinct and maybe Dead Rising 3 until then.

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For me personally it doesn't impact the new console launches in the least.
Still getting a PS4 because, meh, why not

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Spoiler: the PC version will then be delayed to 2015.

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I only hope that they are delaying it because of general issues instead of a few or one platform malfunctioning.

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Wow...that sucks, like many people it was gonna be the launch game i was getting. Now i dont really know what im gonna pick up.

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I hear ubisoft will be making a big loss this year. Hope ubisoft do not have financial woes.

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Well like other have said, releasing AC4 and Watch Dogs at the same time made absolutely no sense.

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I was already considering canceling my PS4 preorder, but this pretty much sealed it. I'm just going to wait for this and inFamous.

EDIT: ...and cancelled. One more Amazon launch day order is available for some lucky person.

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Since that was the launch game I was planning on playing the question is do I cancel my watch dogs preorder and give that money back to Ubi Soft and get Assassin's Creed IV or get Knack?

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Guess I'm going to cancel my preorder for the PS4 now. In a way this is good because I was starting to feel like i'd pulled the trigger too early. I'll have time to make a more informed decision.

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@hunkulese said:

@jayeh said:

Looks like I'll have to switch that pre order to AC4.

@jimmyfenix said:

FUCK....Well i guess Assassins creed IV will be my first purchase of the PS4 now.

That's what they're counting on.

Yep, Ubisoft playin' you guys like fiddles.

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Cancelling my pre-order. So mad at Ubisoft for doing this so close to launch. Im so fucking mad....

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Well this is great. The only good looking game at launch has been delayed because Ubisoft is scared Watch Dogs will kill Assassin's Creed. It's funny because I was hoping that is exactly what would happen. Just put that old horse out to pasture and Ol' Yeller that shit.

I'm still not buying AC4. After AC3 I swore off of those games. They're not seeing another nickel out of me for that franchise.

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So this year Splintercell: Blacklist was delayed, Rayman Legends was delayed, The Crew was delayed, and Watch Dogs was delayed. Am I missing any?

Delays aren't always a bad thing but come on.....that's pretty bad.

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@blu3v3nom07 I just might do that. *hrumphs* I mean come on. LESS THAN A MONTH FROM PS4 RELEASE AT THE PEAK OF THEIR HYPE. Maybe I'll cancel AC4 as well. The only reason I decided to get AC4 was pirates, but now I dunno if I'm gonna give Ubisoft my money. The Division looks so sweet though. I was so looking forward to Watch_Dogs as my Day one game. Maybe we can gather a petition to make them move it to December. Also they hurt a lot of PS4 pre-orders by doing this because everyone was looking forward to it on PS4.

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@theninjamonke: What about a petition to push it out to November 15th?

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I wasn't going to be a person that was going to rush out and buy it Day 1, so it thankfully doesn't affect me, but it's kind of outrageous that they waited less than a month before release to say "Oh, sorry, you have to wait like 6 months now." Ubisoft always manages to delay things in shitty ways.

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Heh. It's not such a bad thing. Launch games are often rushed and unpolished, and even if they delayed this one because of AC4 and not because it wasn't good enough, it's still 6 months they can use to make it a better game.

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Hope Ubisoft ain't on that crystal blue persuasion.

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I mean even if they pushed it to December 1st how long do they really need to polish a game that already looks super good. This just so that they can make people buy AC4 without competeing against themselves. I think that they really fucked people who wanted to order the bundle

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This was pretty much the one Xbone game I realllllly wanted at launch. At least I still have Forza.

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I wonder if they're going to overhaul major gameplay aspects, like what they've done so far has been below expectations for the publisher. Because so far what I've seen of this game it's just Assassin's Creed with smart phones.

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What's the point of releasing 360/PS3 versions now?

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