Watch Dogs 14 minute trailer

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Yup cant wait to play this game on my PS4 at launch. I also really want to know what the current gen versions look like for comparison.

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Yea, that looks so crazy. I still wanna see Exactly what a full multiplayer match looks like. But that quiet piano soundtrack part is so good. I love it.

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Still looks really fun. I'm curious how big the city is going to be. When he was driving across the bridge it looked pretty big.

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looks awesome... I'm just kind of concerned about how the main story will unfold

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Game looks AMAZING, the interaction with the environment is amazing, and as a big gameplay advocate, I give this juicy looking game the thumbs up.

After watching almost every trailer and gameplay video released for Watch_Dogs, and now that I'm 4 minutes into this new video, I gotta say that this is my impression of the game's mission style

@jimmyfenix said:

Yup cant wait to play this game on my PS4 at launch. I also really want to know what the current gen versions look like for comparison.

Why was I under the impression that you had a gaming PC?

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It's nice to know that they consider stealing money from a woman with an infant child to be in a morally gray area

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I like you can loot the glovebox...that is a neat feature

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@jouseldelka: I have a modest gaming pc i can play games from the past year at relatively high settings but i know it wont be able to play Watchdogs or future next gen games properly so i am going to use the PS4 for next gen gaming for awhile until i can afford for a more powerful graphics card for my PC. Plus all the people i know will still be using consoles for multiplayer and such.

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Isn't this the same video they showed on.. Jimmy Fallon? I don't know what show it was. But I've definitely seen this before without the narration.

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Every time I see gameplay of this game I get real excited. Not looking forward to those fake multiplayer hacking events though...

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@krullban: They showed parts of it some place ye, but both the first and last segment are new.

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I have a feeling this game'll probably get to be rather repetitive pretty quickly. That, and the story will probably be a bunch of rubbish. The character of Aiden with his faux-Bale Batman certainly inspire confidence that'll be getting the next Ezio at least.

Fortunately its sequel will then fix everything that was wrong and then we'll get the true Watch_Dogs game we were hoping for.

Until it inevitably drowns in a sea of needless padding and bullshit side-missions.

But no seriously, the more I've seen of this game the more underwhelmed by it I feel. It's pretty hard not to compare this to GTAV given the urban setting and the focus on third-person shooting, and Watch_Dogs just doesn't look like it has much going for it. I mean you can hack stuff to help in combat scenarios, but outside of that it all looks kinda useless. It'll be novel at first to peak in and have a gander at different people's history, but I would imagine that novelty would get old kinda quick as you most likely begin to see a lot of repeats.

There doesn't seem to be all that much to do in the way of variety, and stuff like how it looks like Aiden will only have the one outfit really detract from this appearing as an actual open-world game, and would only add to the repetitious nature. And just what do you actually spend your earnings on? Guns and... ? The Demon's/Darks Souls styled invasion MP thing is neat in theory, but they didn't do a very good in showing you what purpose it serves. So You can steal portions of the player's information? I wonder if that means collectibles in the vein of all the civilians you've hacked or something.

Now I haven't been following Watch_Dogs all that closely, and of course it isn't released yet, so there's still time for me to be won over. Maybe they haven't been showing any story stuff (to my knowledge) because it's good enough that Ubisoft want people to be surprised. From everything I've seen thus far, though, it isn't grabbing me.

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@yummylee: I don't think they've taken much inspiration from GTA at all really. I imagine it's much more influenced by games like AC and Infamous (and to some degree similar to Saint's Row). It's probably gonna be your traditional side-mission to unlock territory deal with a lot of collectibles and upgrading your software to improve your hacking as you go. What you're seeing in trailers is probably more or less "end-game" character with access to all the toys.

Considering what we've seen from Ubisoft lately I'd be very surprised if the game isn't basically just AC with shooting instead of Arkham-style melee combat. They've already shown plenty of stealth, not focused on driving at all and every demo always features Aiden running and climbing around AC style. And as this video (and most others) featured, there's a focus on static and dynamic activities to do around town. Hell, this one even showed a blatant reputation system as if ripped straight out of Infamous.

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I couldn't see the hype for this game, but fuck, butt fuck, it looks really cool. the open world looks so, I don't know, alive, natural. And the multiplayer thing seems fun as hell. I just don't like these scripted walk throughs, why didn't he just run that other player down? Anyway, looks awesome. Might be a get for me. Can't decide if on PC or the Xbox One. I just question this whole, hacking thing and the whole, big brother is watching you, I might roll my eyes too much. But if I can cause every single mother in Chicago to get evicted, then I might be all in.

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@ares42: The difference with AC4 is they've done a grand job in showing me all of the stuff I can get up to in this world. Watch_Dogs primarily looks like it's a bunch of story missions, with some dynamic oddjobs ala RDR/GTAV for a littlediversion. The open-world just doesn't look especially inviting to me as a place to get lost in. But, maybe that's just not what this game is really about.

On one hand I could see that Watch_Dogs is at least focused on what it wants to be, and isn't all about piling in every side activity ever you can come up. But on the other hand I keep coming back to how excited I was for the first Assassin's Creed, only to be gravely disappointed by what the actual game was.

I dunno, all I see as of now is a third-person shooter shoved into an open-world game. A lot of the hacking stuff outside of the combat again just seems a tad gimmicky to me. I think I'll be able to better accept it once I try and perceive Watch_Dogs as what looks like more of a 12-15 hour sorta open-world game, and not the sprawling 'emptying your whole life into this one game' sorta deal with a GTA. I haven't completely written it off or anything, and I'm certainly curious to read about its reception come release. As of now, though, the game isn't doing much to draw me in.


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