Watch_Dogs demo on Jimmy Fallon

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@coldphone: This game looks cool, I like Jimmy Fallon enough, but I still don't understand Ubisoft's PR approach, late night talk shows, like what?

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This was great for the industry. Aisha Tyler is on point! Recognisably running using a PS4 controller too. This was great!

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Still looks as awesome as ever.

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The demographics match mystery there.

Q is who's worse at games Jimmy or Conan. ;)

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@herpderp: I'm not really sure. This was part of Jimmy Fallon's "Video Game Week," so I don't think this was the only game and he's had video games on the show before, so it's probably not just a Ubisoft thing.

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Was at first" Why does this game look real grimy and crappy" But then as soon as he left the shadows and got into the sun it looked great.

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I student taught in a neighborhood just like that! Eerie! I'm really beginning to like Aisha Tyler. She was a better spokeswoman than the Ubisoft employee. Jimmy Fallon seemed honestly intrigued and excited. Can't wait for this game. Screw exclusives--this sells me a PS4.

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Now if only Aisha Tyler was like this during the Ubisoft conference....

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Now if only Aisha Tyler was like this during the Ubisoft conference....


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I like Jimmy Fallon and so will try this one out too. Ubisoft’s new strategy I guess but the game looks too cool.

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