Watch Dogs really is the next Assassin's Creed. (SPOILERS)

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Watch dogs is about the CTOS a computer system that keeps track of every person in Chicago. AC4 is about the templars search for a 1st civilization machine that can keep track of anyone in the world. Then you can hack some computers in Ac4's modern day setting and find several documents on the CTOS and Blume the company making it. It's actually really cool and for the 1st time ever I'm interested in the modern day of assassin's creed.

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All I saw was "Dogs...Assassin's Creed." You know what I want.

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It would be pretty hilarious if the game came out and a late title card said "Assassin's Creed: Watch_Dogs"

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@krullban: also your modern day boss goes on a business trip to Chicago.

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It really seems that way doesn't it?

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I think that would be a really cool tie in. Especially if it's really foreshadowed in IV. Either way, can't wait to finally get my hands on this next year.

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It can't be the next AC game; the combat doesn't look terrible.

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Far Cry 3 has a reference to Abstergo as well, I doubt it will go any further than a nod at their most popular franchise.

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Farcry 3 also exists in the same universe. I really do hope Ubisoft ties all their non-Tom Clancy franchises into one universe.

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All I saw was "Dogs...Assassin's Creed." You know what I want.


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so when Juno came out of the cage..... the world is...... what?

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Now that I've played through AC4, it's crazy the extent to which it's suggested that Watch Dogs is Assassin's Creed V.

There are certainly thematic similarities with both of them revolving around these ultimate surveillance systems, but this isn't just a typical case of Ubisoft groupthink driving their games in the same direction. The CTOS documents verify that Watch Dogs takes place in the same universe, but beyond that, the Templars that run Abstergo Entertainment literally go to a shareholder meeting in Chicago where it is heavily implied that one or more of them is killed by Assassins.

There are Assassins and Templars in Chicago...the place where Watch Dogs takes place...Watch Dogs == Assassin's Creed V.

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In the next Assassin's Creed, you are reliving the memory of a dude named Vaas. He is the only one who knows the truth... The true definition of insanity!

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@chaser324: Well I suppose all Ubisoft properties are all essentially just merging into the same game. I'm waiting for there to be hunting and crafting in Splinter Cell to be honest.

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Well any interest I had in that game just went right out the window

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Well any interest I had in that game just went right out the window

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It turns out that Rayman is the physical form of CTOS. Rayman will destroy us all.

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If that turned out to be true, my head would spin around and rocket to Alpha Centauri. Honestly, I think there will be be some tentative connections, is'nt there all ready some evidence of Abstergo influence (a logo I think) in Watch_Dogs?

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Yup. Was just going to make a thread when I saw this one existed. They take place in the same universe.

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Yeah I saw that document when if hacked the computer and I got really excited. And then some other people reminded me that Oliver (or whatever his name is) was going to Chicago.

Aiden Pierce is the guy that kidnaps Oliver!

I doubt there'll actually be any connection to Assassins Creed but how awesome would it be if that were true.

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Watch Dogs will probably have a small reference to there being templars in Chicago or whatever, but I doubt it'll be an actual Assassin's Creed game.

Also the thought of it being AC5 when it was originally being released the same day AC4 came out is ridiculous

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That would be pretty cool if it they are all connected loosely to each other. Technically weren't the Tom Clancy games supposed to be all in the same universe?

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