Yves Guillemot said yes to current gen.

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What are you even talking about?

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@LiquidPrince: that this game isn't coming to next-gen consoles.

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A linky would be real nice TC.

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Where the hell did my original post go??

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Edit: Wait, what? You're not the topic creator...what is going on here?!

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@hidys said:

@LiquidPrince: that this game isn't coming to next-gen consoles.

Unless you count current-gen PC's as next gen consoles.  I say that because all footage of the game is running on PC hardware, and if Max Payne 3 is any indication of graphical comparisons between console and pc, the console version of Watch Dogs will not look like what was shown.
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@hidys said:

@LiquidPrince: that this game isn't coming to next-gen consoles.

WD coming to x360 and PS3 doesnt exclude next gen consoles. 
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@warxsnake: Exactly. I foresee this being a situation sort of like the first Just Cause... released on both current and next gen, but the next gen gets the pretty bells and whistles. The core of the game may be the same, but it sure isn't going to look like that demo they showed on what will then be decade old hardware.

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@Galiant: I don't know lol, figured I'd post in the blank topic.

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That's... Really odd! Seeing that the first post is long gone for some reason, I'm going to lock this.


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